Spatula Rosada

The Roseate spoonbill is a large bird that measures about 71 cm. long, flat beak, which expands and rounded at the tip. Bill and bare head, yellow-green skin. Almost totally pink plumage, the shoulder bar, as well as the pinkish red rump. The immature are white tinged pink. Habitat is a gragaria bird. Usually it eats, sleeps, and nests in flocks. Frequents both freshwater and saltwater, shallow waters, where open areas quiet and calm water.

feeds moving beak into the water, from one side to another, removing soil, where to find fish, crustaceans, insects, etc and by grabbing with the peak at the contact. They usually forage in groups. Status locally common and abundant, at least in the basin of the Tempisque River, Rio Frio and surroundings of the Gulf of Nicoya. In the Pacific is observed, although in small numbers. sporadic and rare throughout the Central Valley and in the Caribbean slope. The largest center of nesting is located in Island birds, River Tempisque.Se located at the southern end of United States, Northwest of Mexico, to the Center of Chile and Argentina. It is also found in the Greater Antilles. Resources special birds of Costa Rica bird list of the national refuge life Maquenque wildlife original author and source of the article

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Joseph Ratzinger

- It agrees, then, that the bishop is irreprehensible, husband of a woman, I solicit, tempering, compound, hospedador, apt to teach; 7,3.

- Nonloving of the wine, noninjurer, nongreedy of clumsy gains, but moderate, nonlitigious, other people’s of avarice; 7,4. – That governs well its house, that has its children in subjection with all honesty; 7,5. – (Because the one that does not know to govern its house, how it will take care of of the church of God) 7,6. – Not a neophyte, because inflating itself he does not fall in judgment of the devil. 7,7. – Also he agrees that he has good testimony of the strangers, because does not fall in insult and bow of the devil. MEET YOU SOME MARRIED CATHOLIC BISHOP? Suggesting on abstinence, the Apostle Pablo says in first of corintios 7 from the 1 to the 9: Chapter 7,1. – In whatever to the things of which you wrote to me, good serious him to the man not to touch woman; 7,2.

- But because of fornications, each has its own woman, and each it has its own husband. 7,3. – The husband fulfills the woman to have conjugal, and also the woman with the husband. 7,4. – The woman does not have power on her own body, but the husband; nor she either does not have the husband power on his own body, but the woman. 7,5. – You do not refuse the one to the other, but for some time of mutual consent, for ocuparos sosegadamente in the oration; and you return to juntaros in one, so that it does not touch Satan to you because of your incontinence. 7,6. – But this I say by concession, not by order. 7,7. – It would want rather that all the men were like I; but each has its own gift of God; one to the truth of a way, and another one of another one. 7,8. – I say, then, to the single women and to the widows, who good were to stay themselves to them as I. 7,9. – But if they do not have continencia gift, they marry, because he is better to marry than to be burning. On the basis of this great Biblical truth, the Vatican this clearly identified and apostatando of the faith, listening engaadores spirits and perseverando in doctrines of demons; prohibiting to marry to the catholic bishops, priests, to the nuns, etc. Apostasa of the Vatican causes several consequences of demonic possessions of fornication: Disease, Pederastia, adultery, alcoholism, idolatry, mistake and perdicin. In last dates, we can read fanatics and ignorant defending to the Vatican and especially to Joseph Ratzinger, by the scandals of pederastia, but it would be worth to them to study the sagradas writings. And You will know the truth and the truth you will make free! It waits for them to God with the arms abiertos to all that one that regrets its errors. It blesses them to God in great way. Amen.

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When we in line wrote article, we must be conscientious of which all the aspects in article in line are excellent, but often centered our efforts only in a great title that draws attention, in offering quality content, and one forgets to spend time in realising a box of resources that draws attention. For who does not know it, at the end of article in line always a box will be able to be found, call box of resources, that is where normally information related to the author appears of the article. When we really constructed a box of resources that draws attention, surely we will not have to worry about the little traffic that can be generandote the articles in line. But many think that it is his great opportunity to promote themselves and to say to his readers the so wonderful leaders and experts to him who are. The best thing is to leave of side the ego and to include/understand that it is not one, but of the reader who has found our article, with a problem that needs solution.

It is when wraths by the correct way there. One is purely and exclusively readers, of their problems and the solution that estan looking for and in this article will show 2 very powerful methods to you for the creation of a box of resources that draws attention: 1. – What you do not have to never do. You never center the information of your box of resources in same you. If you have obtained that the reader is interested in your article by means of a title attracts that it, you have offered a quality content him, surely if it sees in your box of resources something as well as " Oscar has realised 10,000 articles in line, is an excellent writer who does not have competition in his campo" surely he would stop to read there same.

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In spite of being a theory developed long ago, the constructivism stays effective nowadays like method of education in several schools. An example of this is what it happens in the School Jean Piaget, quines affirms that the knowledge is constructed and is the students the protagonists forms that it, by means of the company and tools that offer the educational ones; following with the constructivist theory. The paper of the professor is to guide and to orient the constructivist mental activity of the students towards the significant assimilation of the scholastic contents. This it yields his protagonism to the student, who assumes the main role in his own process of formation, ski becomes the person in charge of his own learning, by means of his participation and the collaboration with his companions. It will have to manage to relate the theoretician to the practitioner, located in real contexts.In the application he is essential to give to the student tools that allow him to create their own procedures to solve the conflicting situations that consider to him, which implies that their ideas they modify and continues learning. It proposes that the education-learning process is perceived and is carried out like dynamic process, participating and interactive of the student, so that the knowledge is a true construction.

Of this form the development of the subject stimulates the learning favoring so that this one assimilates the reality, and thus will get to include/understand what it surrounds according to his times and internal needs.For this conception the Scholastic education is first of all a complex social practice with an essentially socializing function. Its main objective is to help to the development and socialization of the children and young people. The constructivism arose like a position shared by different tendencies from the psychological and educative investigation. Some of them are the theories of Piaget (1952), Vygotsky (1978), Ausubel (1963), Bruner (1960). Basically it is a theory that tries to explain which is the nature of the human knowledge and part from which the previous knowledge gives birth to new knowledge. Author original and source of the article.

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Problems Of Learning

With the historical evolution of the society, the school if presents as responsible institution for the socialization, access to the information and transmission of the knowledge socially constructed. The education must guarantee the equality of chance for all the people in the combat to the social exclusion and pertaining to school failure. We can say that the failure pertaining to school and the problems of learning are formed by diverse linked factors, that transit of the personal scope to the social one. We cannot risking in them in pointing culprits, but we must search solutions ample that take care of of satisfactory form the causes of these questions. Soon, it is paper of the professionals of the education to point alternatives, as much in what it refers to politics, how much of the point of view of the practical ones of education. In this perspective some proposals of pedagogical interventions and actions will be argued that can dilute the possible problems of learning of the pupils. First it fits to stand out that the position and the attitude of the educator are essential in relation of education and learning, in way that the student must feel that the professor believes and trusts its capacities and potentialities, especially if this pupil already lived a history of pertaining to school failure or possesss a partner-familiar trajectory of problems. One is about a new to look at of the professor for the pupil, in a work that also touches in auto-esteem of the child, making to perceive it that it is capable to learn and the paper of the mediating professor while of the knowledge is to help it and not to judge it as incapable. In this context, all compliment becomes a stimulaton for educating it instigates and it to surpass new challenges and to reach good resulted. In a similar way, we can detach the boarded concept for Vygotsky on zone of real development (that it is defined as something already acquired by the citizen and determines what it obtains to make in independent way and without the aid of the people), zone of potential development (that it is the capacity of the individual in carrying through tasks with the aid and instructions of other people) and zone of proximal development (that is in the distance between the real development and the potential: what the child is capable to make today with the aid of somebody, will obtain to make tomorrow alone).

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The Empathy

It consists of the capacity to feel just like anybody although we do not know him or, even, although it does not fall to us well. The empathy is an innate mmica in the man who grows and he is trained with the experience, and he allows us to put us in the place of any other person. For this reason, if you have intention to work in equipment, even with strangers she empatizar with them. If you think to use to an equipment for his own aims, if a goes to take advantage him will not empatizar with them. The corporal language offers a tool us very easy and powerful to measure the empathy of a subject towards us: the technique of the windshield wiper.

Without never letting speak, without stopping watching the eyes, it looks for the face of his interlocutor and exactly places his in the same axis that the other face, totally parallel to him. Soon it moves his head very smoothly, according to a lateral axis, the same movement that makes a windshield wiper. In empathy situation and, only in empathy situation, his interlocutor will change the inclination of his face to be parallel to you. This movement can make sure its intentions doing several times. If the axis of its head follows yours, it follows to you as much of mental form as physical.

If, on the contrary, one does not move (almost with certainty it has the rigid and inclined face to the right) rejects to feel empathy with you. It is careful, it wants to take advantage or to ignore to him. I am going to him to put duties simple. It so makes the technique of the windshield I have explained what it. It uses this wonderful tool of the nonverbal communication. Side as he is able to perceive the empathy of its interlocutor with an amazing effectiveness. For more information on the corporal language it visits Original author and source of the article.

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Quick credits are a test of latent that banks still don’t lend money to their customers, advertising continually charges us not already charged, or gifts to debit our payroll, but do not give us any kind of financing. It seems that they only want to pay money, without giving us when it comes to the truth, nothing to change. These quick loans are offered by private financial, they are always between physical person and interests usually hover between 20% and 25%. There is lot of competition in this sector, with which some companies offer up to 15 years for his return, in small installments. This is the whole novel and the truth very comfortable to not remove you more sleep impossible payments that always come at the most inopportune moment. They are the salvation for those people that are in list of defaulters or have legal debts with banks.

They are very fast, even up to 72 hpuedes sign before a notary, so you can have full confidence in that management is complete. They consist of contributing as a guarantee a property, such as banks, but the same preparation is much abbreviated time. They are just as they sound, fast, some already long term and as not reliable. For which take us to useless paperwork providing papers and more papers to the Bank so that 30 days later they tell us that they have been denied or that rise US interest at the highest rate, by extrapolating their risk limits? Do by to wait and wait? In the loans faster response is immediate, the interests are fixed and you know that during the term of refund your fee never changes, even if 10 years pass. They are new credits with much of a future especially in the private sector, even though many companies are already considering that these credits may be your only solution to this crisisinterminable that produces so many headaches.

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All we like to always see us very well when we go out to some major event, Festival, meeting with friends, marriage or anything else. Why is that of hair irons, have become one of the most important tools and useful for all of us. Thanks to them, it is now much more easy to be ready and beautiful, besides that we save lots of money and time in beauty salons. Before he played us last for most of an afternoon, or a morning in a beauty salon waiting turn, and while we arranged. Etc. Now all that time can recover it, looking for clothes for us, or fixing us fingernails, because with an iron at home yourself you can fix your hair and without delay you so long. Thanks to these plates, we can reduce the volume of our hair, going from crespas to smooth in minutes.

It seems like magic, but it’s great. In the market, we will find many plates, but how to know what are the best plates of hair? Very simple, you must look first and foremost which is a certificate instead. That you get warranty for the iron. You must choose one that has temperature control, because you can control the exact heat your hair can receive, if you have thin hair it is better that you planches average temperature; If you have the hair very thick you ironed at high temperature. The iron should also be ceramic, do not buy those that have metal plates, those damaged you just hair. Why is that many women say to use the plates of hair damage it, but it is because they do not use a good iron.

If you look at all the famous women in the world. They use plates daily, the Queens of beauty, models, actresses and singers. They used everyday plates and hair they look radiant. But it is because they use the best products, in addition to caring for the hair with the best treatments to protect him from the heat of the iron, moisturize as it should be. And the big famous stylists in the world, recommend them. Then why not use them? This is something very important, never use the iron with wet hair. In addition to that It can be very dangerous, it can damage your hair and also not really the results you were expecting.

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DSL Internet

How to start web work model work model has attracted many women. Business model is not easy and often is criminal. Fortunately, there are absolutely safe and profitable solution, to show themselves and manage their external data: Virtual communication via webcam – web cam model work. This form of recreation, as an Internet show, long and firmly settled in the West. For over ten years in the job market in Russia work for the girls and the web model (video chat), occupies a strong position among the other high-paying jobs.

Working model of webcam video chat girls opens additional opportunities not only for high income, but also to realize their creative ambitions and personal growth. It’s not just high salaries but also the freedom of action – you are working as much as you can, that is their own schedules. Because of this free schedule work in the video chat is ideal for girls who are receiving higher education. If you want to be independent, successful and modern, then you simply need a porobovat vkachestve web model. It’s in your hands! Well organized, well-established and completely legal work on the Internet will become a real discovery for you, if before this you have never visited cam sites. The work involves web model communication only with foreigners, Russian users have no access to such resources. Add this job is completely safe.

What should I do to start working web model? Three simple steps: 1. Register first aregistriruyte his room at site. @ Internet magazine ‘Webcam Model’ recommended to fill your profile carefully and thoroughly. Profile – First, it only sees that incoming visitor room on the site – this is your investment, a complete unit for making money, which requires that it spin. Video clip where you see the camera intriguingly there is still something … Photographs, preferably made by a professional regularly create new pictures and videos Change your image Intriguing coming to you in a text chat to visitors. Promise them only that they are willing to do really, but so that they could not resist the temptation. Customers must be willing to it for you! 2. Organize yourself place a workplace. Open yourself to the post office box and set it as a place to send the checks. Find a suitable bank to receive checks. Cashing a check takes 30 to 40 days of the Internet, it is not necessary save it directly depends on the income necessary to take high-quality and reliable. For the first time will be enough, ADSL or DSL. Looking to rent an apartment if you can not work at home. 3. Vehicles can be purchased at the beginning inexpensive: It is more convenient to use a laptop with 15 “monitor, but need to buy a webcam 4. Work and work again! Can you imagine that you do not need to rush to the office, standing at the counter or give consultation – the income you get from the virtual communication. And to you personally will depend on how big the earnings will be. Internet – a world without boundaries, this method of communication, information and place of work of many successful and prosperous people. Want to join them? Work on the Internet – it’s not a myth or a fairy tale. See for yourself.

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How To Make Money On The Internet

The impetus for writing this article was inspired by my friend who asked me: “How to receive money from the Internet?” .. To this question I gave him a simple and clear answer: “Work should be your head!” That will now try to explain to you Dear readers of my site … Interpretation of the phrase “Free money” many people associate with infinite then banknotes which depicted a fighter for independence United States, but when a person falls into this boundless world of the ordinary, routine work, he finally begins to understand that it is not easy to get long-awaited den.znaki without attachments. So let us consider the basic techniques of earnings in the Internet, in this article I want to consider only the ways of earning on their site, without affecting such things as stock trading. Underlying earnings on its website in the first place is the process of its creation. Now is the time investment … and you of course, can create a “super” site on which any whether a free server ala, but creating a website there’s suppose you already ruining their earnings in the bud … Neither a normal affiliate program does not agree to take to his website which is located on free hosting.

Therefore you’ll need at least a domain name (what kind of course you decide) and hosting (stabilnyy! one that will hang and say that the updated software). Then you course will require content management system, such a network can find a lot of advice so I will not. Here we have determined with attachments … Now we need to choose subjects of our future site … (read the article: “How to decide on the theme of the site?”) If the definition of a theme for your future site is successful then you need to do site promotion. Promotion of the notion of a vast and abstract … 2a is the way of promotion in my understanding: the first – for the visitors, the second – on performance.

We consider each separately: The visitors in the promotion of the visitor, there are some difficulties … after all, agree that the site with the theme you have chosen is not one and not ten … there are at least tens of hundreds of … and therefore you the first thing to do is correctly identify the keyword, the search query and content of a site. For promotion to performance on tsiferki no acute the need for unique content or quality traffic … there is an urgent need to link to your site with other topical resources that you’ll have to buy in large quantities. You can also for example, maintain an active exchange of links, but in no case be placed on the site of various directories of links as Such catalogs are directly violating the license Yandex, and hence it is a straight road at least in pessimizatsiyu issue, and even in the ban, which is much worse. And so with the basic concepts of creating a site to earn money with these kinds of sites you and I understood. Now it’s time to review a viable income: Contextual advertising Sales Links Affiliate Programs An extensive list of affiliate programs, I think the result here makes no sense … I hope that this article will help you a little look around the world earning on the Internet and accurately coordinate their steps in this direction. Very truly yours, Solodkov Maxim Mikhailovich.

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