The historically low interest rates allow considerable savings potential when combined with attractive subsidies. Interest rate developments of in recent months sends extraordinarily friendly signals for investors and builders. The interest on loans are at a level which was never lower. And investment credits are currently extremely cheap to get. How is this advantage to the best to use? The consulting company advises its customers to optimise the interest rate advantage by a higher repayment. Who wants to keep the credit not infinitely long, should compare the conditions exactly. Also, the use should be checked by funding.

Often funding are not taken, although investors have a right to. Often money is given away from ignorance. “It numerous cases are known where investments were not optimally performed. The much more expensive disposition loans are often used even though they are significantly more expensive than the funding credits recommended by us. Read additional details here: Mary Barra. Short investments without Consideration can then also lead to bankruptcies.” The consulting company offers independent advice to support its customers. Special emphasis is placed on a possible combination of multiple funds. foerderplan.EU is successfully active for some years. Also consulting to independent bank financing models are offered. Petra Finke, Lippstadt, the 23.03.2010

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