Education, Politics And Timeless Journeys

It was the last thing I wanted to do: submit to the scrutiny of such distinguished characters and look like the fool I am. Besides, what he meant Salvatierra’s physician with that of a last things. What education? What politics? What anthropology? Just in case, as I sailed in a modest sea of vagueness and common places for those things almost anachronistic and timeless, NOA must be both. “As have changed! “sighed Dr. Villalobos to hear my succinct and stammering relate ” Today everybody goes to school, while I was in my time as a conscript to fight for the children of the rural world could learn the four rules.

“At best, the situation is not as idyllic as it seems a ” speaking Unamuno. “What do you mean? “inquired the other. “Well, maybe everyone does to study, but does not learn much. Literacy is not the same culture. More education does not necessarily mean greater understanding by the recipient. Here is an example a “said, seeing signs of dissatisfaction by some grump components. When Cervantes published Don Quixote had very few people who could read and therefore could enjoy his great novel, but the lawyers of that time were educated people, who dominated their knowledge time. Now, however a “he added, without specifying whether the temporal adverb referring to my town or the day of his, that this had a little trouble chronological “, people know many inconsequential trifles, but lacks the intimate, general of the world we live, it lacks depth and intellectual perspective, lives in an inane superficiality.

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