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/The Government emphasizes that he is temporary by the situation of the Spanish work. The treaty of Adhesion of Rumania anticipates a transient period until 2014. The Rumanian citizens who want to work in Spain will require a labor permission. The Cabinet has approved east Friday the agreement that reactivates the contemplated transient period in the Agreement of 2008. This measurement, of which the Government is outstanding his transitory character, implies that the Rumanian citizens that they want to come to work on another’s account to Spain will have to credit a work contract.

According to the Government this decision is strictly technical and is based on internal considerations by the situation of the battered national labor market and in his official notice it praises " total integration and the high rate of activity of the community rumana" in Spain. The Rumanian Executive has assured in an official notice to include/understand this decision " strictly tcnica" without " no connotation poltica" and its embassy in Madrid has observed the commitment with the temporality of the measurement on the part of Spain. The new spokesman of the Government, White Jose, has remembered the Treaty of Adhesion from Rumania to the EU that anticipated a transient period until 2014. Ever since the country of the East of Europe entered 2007 in the European Union, their citizens must right to the free circulation within the Schengen space and to work in anyone of the Member States, although its country is not within the agreement. This moratorium is applied in several European countries, according to Target. The European Commission has assured hours before Spain cannot now introduce temporary restrictions to the Rumanian workers. Source of the news: The Cabinet approves that the Rumanians require a labor permission for Spain

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