Jesuits Save The world

The evaluation would have daily to be made, observing the interest, the envolvement and the development of the pupil during the lessons. BRAZIL: A PECULIAR EDUCATION FOR a FIELD OF PECULIAR WORK In the Europe, the religious orders had played important creative function in the reorganization of the territories, as well as in the organization politics of peoples of origins diverse. In Brazil very, the Company of Jesus found a scene different of whom until then they had been its field of work, with priority, educational. Learn more on the subject from Janet L. Yellen. Here, education and catequese would have to walk atreladas, a time that the understanding of the religious rules implied first, in the use of an educational apparatus. The Jesuits, probably, then aperceberam themselves that the work in the colony would have to follow other routes, not being necessary, ahead of as many peculiarities, only adequacies in its system and yes, true innovations. One of these was the learning of manual crafts on the part of its members, occupation which were not dedicated. Later, it deserves prominence the creation of a financial apparatus that, even so contrary to the general norms of the Company, became necessary for the continuation of the works of the priests. It had scarcity of resources.

The regal farm, for times, did not repass to the Order what it age of right and when this happened, the Jesuits did not receive in species, in the majority of cases. Even though the public power hindered the course them works, charging taxes, being that the priests were legally exempt of the same ones. ALDEAMENTOS POLITICS: JESUIT SOLUTION FOR the PROBLEM OF the CRISTIANIZAO Ahead of the fact of that the last end of the coming of the Jesuit ones was the conversion of heathen to the faith the catholic? point that they had never lost of sight? it is observed that the masters had been obliged to be condescending at some moments of its workmanship.

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