Kitchen Hightech Space

Kitchen Furniture (St. Petersburg) to order in the style of 'high tech'. This style refers to the cutting edge. This style is modern and young. This style of urban living. For assistance, try visiting Ajit Pai. Hi-tech style emerged in the 60 years from the design of industrial premises in which the interior subordinate functional purpose.

High-tech is different straight lines, rapid, sharp shapes, trim and functional elements made of metal. Construction of high-tech may seem technique and cold, but in this style combines the space and light, objects are ideal proportions. The decor is minimized and maximum use of available space. Kitchen furniture like this style energetic and modern people who appreciate the brevity and concreteness. In a fashionable food in high-tech style is perfectly fitting all sorts of technological devices, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen. To finish cooking the hi-tech using the latest materials, basic – plastic, metal and glass, but still used stone, natural wood.

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