Product Assembly

More complex devices are mechanisms that have offered angular elements. In this case the movement takes place either smoothly in an arc, or in some phases, steps, and uses several other lifting devices. Pull the box without the use of lifting equipment is extremely difficult, sometimes it weighs quite a lot. Ball-bearing guides or pneumatic mechanism is established for the smooth running of the product. For sliding pieces of furniture used 'guides'. By way of extension rails are partial and full roll out.

Full bulging guides means that the box extends the entire depth, improving access to its content. The main quality of the guides – the ease and quiet operation. The best solution at this point are the tandem boxes. They can be steel, with PTFE roller, or a more expensive system – non-ferrous metal (duralumin) Teflon roller. In all the commercials contained recessed bearings. In a system of class 'luxury' duralumin rails additionally polished and rollers are equipped with special brushes to clean the inter-slot area. Assembly kitchens Special attention you want to call that assembly of kitchen furniture – is not easy, there need not only knowledge of assembly buildings and furniture hinges kitchen shelves, as well as the ability to install built-in appliances, power to make cuts to gas and water pipes, if necessary change the cabinets and wall shelves, fix the sink and connect the water.

Assembling the walls of the room or living room suite of furniture consists of modular systems connected to each other, because it requires a certain space to build. Paul premises laid cardboard left over from the packaging, so as not to damage the flooring. Collected furniture body in a horizontal position, then set in place, aligned and tightened, the box gradually bare walls are transformed into a dazzling suite seating. Living in the various categories of quality varied. Beautiful, tasteful home furnishings, which fits perfectly into the overall design space – real decoration of any interior. But the good furniture should be not only attractive in appearance, but first and foremost to be easy to use. And this is largely depends on the build quality home furnishings. As well as assembling office furniture – furniture design must be easy to assemble and easy to understand its constituent parts. To a set of furniture must be attached assembly circuit. Furniture should be of the same presentation, if the same assembly after it has to retry. It often happens that a great-looking furniture, exposed for several days on public display, reject, after the first disassembly. This is due to poor quality fittings (screws, hinges, etc.), coating materials, poor packaging and the involvement of assembly and disassembly are not skilled workers.

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