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Carrying, the Umbanda already offers deeper studies for the development of the medinico, with a superior education. One of the biggest references is the College of Umbandista Theology? FTU, in Rio De Janeiro. ANOTHER VIEW ON UMBANDA ABSTRACT Umbanda is religion that arose on the basis of african-Brazilian cults and syncretism of Catholic saints, with the African Orishas, the Amerindian, with the spiritualism and orientalism. Where is his first performances with the Quimbanda and Macumba. The people devoted you worship, but had in culture, knowledge and favorable spaces.

Then the spirits cam and drove these mediums. Since Brazil was colony that was prevalent Catholicism, cults african-charged by Brazilian slaves were viewed demonic art, creating large bias binding by Catholic elitist society of the teams. But to over teams, Umbanda gains space in Brazil, religion founded in 1908. This article you examine how the Umbanda religion and its syncretism with to other religions. Key-words: Umbanda. Syncretism.

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