The Same

Sophie did not want seeing it. "Tell me that Pete will always be in my heart like you, no matter where you are. To try to forgive me. Joeb Moore often expresses his thoughts on the topic. "I say, – replied Sophie, but I think things are as simple as you see them. a l never understood your attitude.

None did. He is very angry at you. For him, for me, for everything. I believe I can serve your apology but goes along with an explanation. "I understand," Alex said as I understand, but tell him anyway. "Alex, for the last time I beg you, answer me, give me a reason, please. Do not know how much I need to hear it! – He said pleadingly. "You'd better leave things here, Sophie.

It is better for everyone. And hung up. No longer "Sure," replied Alex. "See you there in an hour-and hung up. The house of his parents was 10 km from the parents of Sophie. They had moved when Alex was 14. . Alex showered, took a hot tea and went to the bar. Her mother had left his car so he could move anything he wanted. He arrived 20 minutes before the scheduled time. He sat down, ordered coffee and waited. When he saw her in, her heart began to beat quickly. How he had wanted! She was as beautiful as the last time I had seen. Her long, straight, dark half fell to her back. His piercing dark eyes had the same intensity as always, but his movements seemed more leaden.

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