This style of furniture is available in specialized galleries that exhibit from Gothic products until French style tables; It is important to consider all fields since we will most likely discover articles that we have never considered. Antique furniture are divided into four sections: rustic, polished, elaborate and simple. It is necessary to clarify that to make an efficient purchase of antique furniture we must have a good knowledge about them or at least duly advised. Real antiques hunters seek wonderful furnishings armed with pointers, magnifiers and scales; but many other interior decorators are not interested in the history of the piece or its authenticity and hence opt for purchasing reproductions. Both options are equally valid, but each one will depend on the type of expenditure that we are willing to deal with and our personal tastes; There are different techniques to determine its a piece of old furniture is authentic or simply a clever reproduction. We must focus on two basic aspects to the appreciation of the furniture: signs of antiquity and imperfections; the first usually appear in the wood since it shrinks over time, we look at signs of cracks, discoloration and warping, as well as the edges that will be unequal.

The imperfections are that will lead us to realise the imitations, we will try to determine if parts tables are of different widths; uniform tables are a modern invention. One of the more complex actions when buying antique furniture is the valuation here arise discussion and misunderstandings with respect to appraisals; Therefore what is needed here is research. The majority of collectors based its rating of furniture by eras, styles and manufacturers, while many others have more eclectic tastes; beyond the subjective tastes from whom acquired it, the value one piece will be always influenced by their State, their rarity and history. To be more confident of the value of a piece of furniture, whether we want it to buy as if our intention is to sell it, we will need the help of an expert. A trained eye can get to discover a treasure sub-valorado, also will be informed about the trends of the market already that chekeara major publications. Finally, before performing any transaction involving the presence of old furniture, we must carefully review the size and weight of each piece.

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