. drlombardi. com AR / tooth whitening. There are several myths about tooth whitening, I can only speak of my clinical experience and so to share it with you if they are by making a tooth whitening. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit U.S. Mint. We can speak of two types of tooth whitening: the internal bleaching: occurs in teeth that have suffered a blow or trauma at some point (can remember or not) where the main cause is the rupture of package Neurovascular coming into the tooth. This blood to break down the blood vessel is disseminated by the dentinary tubules, coagulates and tooth begins to take a color black or brownish which is increasing as time passes. Another reason by which indicates the internal bleaching teeth is that they were in their normal coloration but they were treated with Endodontics (root canal treatment). When performing root canal treatment is the same; to break down the blood vessel, blood spreads by the dentinary tubules, coagulates and begins darkening.

The solution for this type of cases It is bleaching or internal bleaching, which consists of very well sealing through the dentinary cement Union treatment, to be more didactic, at the level of the anatomical neck of the tooth. The reason why it should be sealed very well is to not infiltrate the whitening toothpaste by the root. Bleaching gel is placed and sealed waiting for 48 to 72 hours, noting the changes, renews gel and let it is 1 week, where the patient can begin to observe the changes, repeats the operation up to observe the required result. This technique has a total success and estimated lasts for several years, there are cases where there was no need to make another whitening and is why I indicate it before a facet or a porcelain Crown, since there is nothing more aesthetic than the tooth of one’s self.

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