One of the important aspects in modern bedrooms is the multipurpose use that is being given is not only a stay for sleeping or resting at home also can be booked for other activities. In the bedroom the most important element is the bed. Once located, you can arrange the space to place a desk or create, for example, a zone of wardrobe or a reading corner. The bedroom is an intimate space that is conceived as a haven away from the hustle and bustle, which seeks to find rest. In modern bedrooms, everything revolves around comfort and the bed is the central element.

Therefore, when planning the distribution of the House, it is important to choose the room intended for the bedroom, taking into account the orientation and where da window. For example, if possible, should be avoided that the window will give a noisy Street. It is also important that the bedroom is clear, why the storage system must be efficient to allow organizing clothes and accessories in a space that usually tends to be scarce. The basic furniture in the first place we must think what basic furniture will be needed (bed, wardrobe, bedside tables) and how to distribute the space between them. Read additional details here: cabinets. For example, if in a not very large room we want to place a large bed (2.15 m x 2,15 m), can eliminate the tables or replace with a shelf. If, moreover, you opt for a sliding-door wardrobe, will earn also some space. Orient the bed to place the bed in the right place, the shape of the bedroom and the situation of door and Windows must be account.

More aesthetic, although it is not always possible to achieve it, is addressing the bed toward the door or to the views (a terrace, for example) or place it parallel to the window (to take advantage of natural light), avoiding locating it under it or in the passage of the air stream. The headboard is preferable that it is against the wall. Once located the bed, clinches lathe she needed furniture (wardrobes, night tables, and so on). In a square, it is possible to situate the bed on a side wall and occupy the canvas header with a large, exempt or recessed Cabinet opposed. Both sides of the bed, Windows and door creates a stream of air which does not interfere with the bed area. Rectangular shape allows you to face the bed toward the Windows and install a side a front of built-in wardrobes from the floor to the ceiling. The plant in L, supports more possibilities: include a bookstore, a corner for the study and one for reading. A multipurpose room at present, modern bedrooms have become a multifunctional space in which, besides sleep and recover, it is possible to read, listen to music, work; breakfast for this, around the bed, integrates other types of furniture: bookstores, a study table, a bedside table for the TV, an armchair to read or a module to place the music team. Even if there is enough space, can integrate a bath and/or a dressing room.

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