Chocolate Factories, Value

Chocolate factories Value, the chain of establishments of the first national chocolatera company, look for franchise-holders in Catalonia abrir 10 establishments in next the three years. The company wants to develop its concept of Catalan earth business to increase to its network of 39 establishments, locating chocolate factories in three of the main cities of Catalonia: Barcelona, Gerona and Tarragona. From 1881 to the present time, Chocolates Value have made a great chocolate of matchless purity. The quality and the distinction that differentiates to this company for more from a century are also the essence of its chocolate factories. One of the most important advantages of these resides, indeed, in the value and guarantee that the own mark contributes. A way of profits and satisfactions that repel direct and advantageously in the chocolate factories. the chocolate factories, like tax exemptions, have a special advantage places that them in an outstanding position within the sector. They count on the possibility of incorporating to his supply of products all the new features, advances and improvements that can contribute to Chocolates Value, in machinery and processes of production, explains Jose Sanfeliu, director of tax exemptions of the mark. Hear from experts in the field like kitchens for a more varied view.

With the Chocolate factories Value the investor will find a double business: chocolate factory, with the opportunity to in situ offer the consumption of the made chocolate artisan and in all varieties, and tends, where to offer all type of made products, chocolates craftsmen of the high range, original (chocolates craftsmen of maize toasted to the salt, olive oil or vinegar of Modena), of liquor, truffles and one complete range of chocolates without sugar. All these products and advantages, form an irresistible supply for the consumer and causes that the chocolate factories consolidate in the sector of the restoration tax exemptions. At the moment, Chocolate factories Value count already on 39 establishments in our country, and continue their expansion by means of the system of the franchise. It looks for entrepreneurs it jeopardize that they wish a self-employment option and offers a concept of business consolidated, and differentiated from competition, with a philosophy of company of familiar character. Chocolates Value count on a group of 225 workers and one production of ten thousand eight hundred tons to the year, with more than 50 specialties of products, a 15.5% of quota of market in tablets, 37% of quota of the chocolate market to the cup, 67% of quota of the market of the chocolate without sugar and export to but of 40 countries. Corporative information Chocolate factories S-value the first tax exemption of Spain dedicated to the chocolate. From 1881 to the present time, Chocolates Value have made a great Chocolate of matchless purity. The quality and the distinction that Value for more differentiates to Chocolates from a century are also the essence of its chocolate factories. In order to become franchise-holder of the mark the premises among 150 are required and 200 ms, with possibility of terrace, located in a population whose area of influence congregates around 100,000 inhabitants, or, if it is a tourist locality, that the sum of the populations fixes and floating makes the rounds this number; and an investment among 180,000 and 200,000 Euros, excluded the canon from entrance. Royalty of operation of 5% exists, but not of publicity of which position is done the power station offering kit annual.

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