False Freedom

From the time in which our peoples have been freedoms of tyrants until now believe live being free, free from tyrants, some Yes, but free of thoughts and actions remains to be seen. Is one of the most widespread modes of enslavement television, many spend hours in front of a television? You realize the passive manner in which you are in these moments, hence you do not have own thoughts or criterion. Tell us that we have to view daily news before bedtime to be informed, sports for fun and soap operas also. Kitchens recognizes the significance of this. But still we complain that time does not give us anything, and we can not stop watching our favorite TV show as if life depended on it. Another type of slavery, fashion, not only in clothing is trendy, electric appliances (have to change mobile phone an average minimum of 2 or 3 times per year), always there is something new that your phone does not have truck, the same clothes, your furniture, you’ve stopped to ask yourself if you need all that or you’re just one more in the career of the rats. (Most influential teens) social acceptance, all of the above leads you inevitably here, because who doesn’t like being recognized and have many friends, well-known is that adolescents are able to accept initiation rites to belong to certain groups, are associated with bargains and others by getting the valuation of others. If we truly lived freely, we comenzariamos have their own criteria, not prefabricated by others, if I am a free person I should not let me influenced by nobody, all birth already have the concept of good and evil which in any case is an excellent base. Tomato a time alone to get to know you, and ask you sincerely that it is actually what you like, your opinion about such or which topic or aspect of life, ask yourself live a day according to your tastes and beliefs, and to avoid confusion with a rebellion against the system, but with the fact of personal liberation. Visit cabinets for more clarity on the issue.

For we are so afraid of us? Why not can we be alone? Why us disturbs the silence? It detoxifies your brain, take a time without television, radio, newspapers or social networks. Get up early and see you for the first time in a naked mirror and laugh because you are beautiful, opens the window or go to the balcony and watch as it appears before your eyes a new day, watch with curiosity to your parents, friends, co-workers or couple as if you just knew them, and realise you’s the only thing they have, keep contact with naturekeep a pet in your home. Consider goals for the short, medium and long term by putting them dates to meet, and really what motivated you’ll be as you go making them, get everything that you’ve been putting off, is master and owner of your life, not television, fashion, thinking of others, is you, but first you must discover. Always remember that we are formed by three parties in our life, body, mind and spirit, feed them equally to all three, don’t let anyone take your freedom nor give it in exchange of nothing. Ana Elsa de la Cruz.

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