German Investor Relations Association

Arkadin provides solutions for virtual events Investor Relations Conference outside Frankfurt, the 26 May 2013 the requirements of the investor have grown relations communication in the area steadily in the past years. Above all a quick and convenient information exchange between companies and investors is expected today at the national and international level. As this can technological supports and realized, the Arkadin Germany GmbH on the this year’s investor relations shows Conference, organized by the German Investor Relations Association (DIRK). Leading industry representatives in Frankfurt meet here on June 3rd and 4th. Arkadin, a world of service providers for location independent collaboration, will be represented at Europe’s biggest event in the field of financial communications at stand 17. There, the company presents its latest solutions for moderated audio conferencing and virtual events, which are also suitable for a very large group of participants from over 1000 participants.

Also provides Arkadin hosted Web conferencing for presentations before. Professionally supported and moderated streaming and non-streaming webcasts showcase the Frankfurt experts for virtual collaboration and conferencing services. The financial market communication is a challenge that demands absolute professionalism from everyone involved. The information that will be exchanged, are extremely sensitive. Therefore must first guarantee the confidential treatment of information from the service provider to 100%. A smooth process is very important for the reputation of the organizing companies”, explains Markus Bleher, Managing Director of Arkadin Germany GmbH. also is very important during the event by experienced event coordinators a professional presentation or a professional support of the speaker as well as the organizing organization. High quality of image and sound transmission and the ability to share screen content, together in real time are basic requirements.” Arkadin also recommends a video or audio conference by an event manager that fluency in the mother tongue of the participants, to support.

If necessary, a second event manager should assist the English-speaking participants. Only so you can ensure a smooth and professional running of the event in high quality. The German Investor Relations Association, organizer of the Conference, is the German Professional Association for investor relations (IR). With over 350 members, the DIRK sets the standards for the communication between companies and the capital markets. The bandwidth of the companies organized in the DIRK includes all DAX values as well as the majority of the companies listed in the MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX down to companies with low market capitalization, and those who have the going public before themselves or issue debt instruments. The firm is one of the leading global service providers for location independent collaboration. Arkadin offers a wide range Collaboration solutions, ranging from audio, Web and video conferencing and unified communications. With its user-friendly and cost effective offers, Arkadin supports over 26,000 companies of every type and size. Arkadin contributes to massive productivity gains through effective ways of communication and cooperation.

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