Gismeteo Rain

Probably around the world there is no person to whom reports Gismeteo that the weather will be good, will not cause positive emotions and inner celebration. And if there is also a rainbow – would be even better, because a rainbow amazing spectacle that it is impossible to remain indifferent. Then what will be the rainbow – bright or not, will be due to raindrops. Specify, so how big will the rain. However, we more clearly see the red, purple and blue stripe. Small drops of rain affect the richness and beauty of the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow to become bright, as if the fuzzy and the red arc practically disappears. Not rare, and such a state where there is colorless arc. This is also caused by raindrops. therefore, they are unable to reflect the bright color. It happens when the frost on the street. And in sub-zero temperatures in the air, there are small ice crystals. If you think about it, according to all scientific principles, should be a shimmering rainbow as the rain does not hang in the air without moving. But this conclusion is incorrect, since the human eye is able to capture image, located in front of him, only a small amount of time.

A drop of alternate very quickly, which helps to mix the color in a ray in one image. There are times when the sky there are two rainbows, the second barely visible. It is much more rare that there is more than two rainbows. Plays a major role outside the arc, the brightest. The remaining less distinct and indistinct. The latter are such as involved in their education no direct rays and rays that are reflected from the water. In the case where surface water is a large area, the rainbow is in the inverted position. It occurs in very rare cases. This occurs due to the fact that the beams 2a times recorded. At first, from the water surface, and then – from rain. True, we can not see this wonderful phenomenon in the event of termination of Rain. At the beginning of a rainbow becomes less noticeable, and then gradually disappears at all. This fact is little known, but there is a rainbow at night. At night, after rain, the rays of the moon can form a rainbow. Of course, the night rainbow is not as colorful, but look at it in the sky is very easy. In winter, a rainbow appears rare, but its picturesque it overshadows all others.

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