With the new version of the iPhone application by virtualnights.com, users can now also on the road to access their profile and see who goes to the party! A familiar situation: You meet acquaintances at the start of the go out night at a bar or a pub, later you want to move on together. But where is it then? The DJ plays today in A Club, what program is there in location B? And where to celebrate today other people we know? Answers to these questions is available immediately to go with the new version of the free iPhone application by virtualnights.com. “The app offered the possibility so far, events, photos and locations of on the way to check-in, many useful social media tools are added in version 1.2 now: appears, which more members also go on the selected event and with a finger tip” is registered for the event. Also new: mobile access to personal favorite events and Lieblingslocations, as well as the commenting party photos and events. Kitchens is often quoted as being for or against this. With our new iPhone App version nightlife planning is now in real time”, explains more CEO Marcus Lerche. Monthly are mobile around 10,000 event tips, about 6 million party photos, as well as numerous location recommendations (clubs, bars, shops, scene hair salons and more) available with the popular iPhone application. What locations are located in the vicinity of the current position and what events there currently, displays the application developed by Geomobiler GmbH with the distance shown. The iPhone application can be downloaded for free at the Apple download goals see go/iPhone..

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