June Broom

Of what kind is preferable to collect twigs for a bath. Fans Bath prefer birch broom – a symbol of the Russian bath is its decoration and a symbol. Birch – a true biological miracle of nature, it has extraordinary properties. It is established that the volatiles emanating from birch leaves, and kill pathogens. Birch leaves are porous, and when parishsya in the bath, the leaves are tight to the body and absorb the sweat. If you are not convinced, visit Mary Barra. It is best to use dry twigs, which has already lost his cellular fluid, and was then soaked in hot water. Therefore each time should be rinsed thoroughly with hot water broom.

It is believed that birch birch besom have cleaning properties are much higher than that of oak or eucalyptus, which is less porous. Par birch broom is useful for people suffering from obstructed lung ventilation, as well as for those who have skin problems. Very good brooms from weeping birch. They are usually harvested young trees that have not yet bloomed. Their leaves are softer and softer. The branches should be chosen such that they were long, thin, straight, hanging. As good branches that grow from the roots of birch trees or old stumps, they are very gentle and flexible. In second place on the popularity of stand – oak twigs.

They are harvested in June – August, in dark, damp oak forest. Oak broom is very durable. The leaves do not fall down and enough for 3-4 baths must. These brooms are good for the fans pour yourself a strong heat, warm up thoroughly in the bath.

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