Maturity and success in magic

One year later, in 1996, gets two awards at the International Congress Magic Valongo that there is talk in circles Blass Jorge outside Spain. That made it the following year when David Copperfield made up the Iberian Peninsula to seek an action by Jorge to exchange ideas. That same year the Madrid Wins Award for Best Frakson magician of the year, as well as participating in the World Congress of Magic in Dresden (Germany), and won fifth place in handling.
In 1998 he returned to the School of Magic Juan Tamariz, but this time as a teacher. One year later, along with the Tamariz and other major magic Spanish, made a display in New York. A few months after Prince Rainier of Monaco Awarded the Gold Award magic wand. In 2000 participates in a contest of magic in Las Vegas, being honored as the “most promising talent.” These events mark a new leap in his career.

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