Motor Skills

As two people do not exist who possess identical repertoires of interests, each one has an only set of acquired atentivas trends. This wants to say that it is much more difficult to use acquired factors of attention in apelos to the determinative public of what to make use of the innate ones. The newness and the change, for example, even so are determinative important of the attention, clearly innate in are not learned. As factor in the determination of the attention, the change is an essential component of all the other determinative Motor Attention Motor Attention is that one where the conscience is intent in the execution of preprogrammed a physical and muscular activity. For example: When the person if inclines in the direction to look at one definitive object, the ocular mechanism acts of form that the eyes if direct to the object until the muscles of the crystalline lens if accomodate of form that the image is in the focus more clearly.

When hearing a low sound the person strains the neck for front, it places its hand behind the ear, and can close the eyes in order to eliminate the competing visual stimulatons in the attempt to select one definitive object (sonorous) as focus of its attention. Perhaps either therefore that some people arrive until taking off the sun eyeglasses to give to more attention in sounds and images. The motor attention if also characterizes for the tension of the muscles, together with hiper monitoring of the conscience. The paper of the efficiency of Attention, of these cases, consists of privileging the automatic elements of the psicomotricidade, at the same time where it reduces eventually atrelados the intellectual elements to the movement. Motor attention represents a species of alert to the muscular activities that must answer readily the definitive situation in the direction to favor the adaptation.

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