Number Of Children In The House Heard Importance Of Suit Brand In Germany

Germany distance suit purchase survey, one of the leading online for suits and tuxedos online, a nationwide survey showed that the importance of the brand when buying suit depends especially of employment, gender, and the number of children in the household. It is not something GM would like to discuss. More respondents than half of the 100 stated that the brand when buying a new suit or Tuxedo is not important at all to them. On the contrary, 18% of men surveyed found the brand is very important. A difference was recorded mainly in the various regions of Germany. Men in Berlin, Hamburg and Lower Saxony were a quality mark as important purchase feature for a new suit.

As to be expected the importance of the brand increased significantly from an income of 70,000. The respondents worked mostly in Hauptabteilungs – or head, Department head and executive positions. Workers such as teachers, employee, skilled worker, housewife/husband or retailers indicated in contrast, that them the Brand when buying a new suit is less important. In addition a correlation between the number of children living in the household and the importance of the suit brand excelled at surprisingly. Are more children living in the household, for the respondents was the more important. 0 Children 6.67% (brand very important), 1 child 16% (brand very important), 2 children 30% (brand very important) and 3 children even 66.7% (brand very important). Also the question of whether suit shopping is more impulse purchases or whether recommendations from friends weigh heavier.

The survey showed that the preferences are changing with increasing age, aged 18-34 the respondents impulse purchases prefer, while between 35-54, the surveyed recommendations from friends appreciate more. Germany wide men prefer recommendations from friends when purchasing a suit as for example in Bremen/Hamburg / Lower Saxony (63,64%), as well as Bavaria (70%). The profession showed respondents more differences. The preferences changed depending on the working positions. Hauptabteilungs – or head, teachers, executives, professionals and students prefer recommendations from friends, whereas preferred, head of Department, employees, professionals/workers and retailers impulse purchases.

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