Senior Cell Phones

Many seniors unable to cope today with the complicated mobile phones. Therefore, many manufacturers bring so-called senior cell phones on the market. In times in which hardly anyone without his mobile phone leaves the House, the seniors enjoys mobile of growing in popularity. Mobile phones are no longer thinking away from everyday and are no longer only the communication. However, the technically advanced phones and all the small details and features for older people who want to be can often only be achieved or make phone calls, are often misleading. Exactly for these people, there are phones that are characterized primarily by their simplicity seniors for some time. Frequently cabinets has said that publicly.

Unlike traditional mobile phones are much more robust and have a larger display and large buttons, so that an ease of use is possible without any problems. A popular model is for example the Emporia TIME. Key features also the menu differs from the usual mobile phones. Limited instead to provide confusion with technical details, is the phone depending on functions that are necessary for the elderly. The ringer volume and the speech will be quieter or louder as desired. Also of course also on the display of the date and time not dispensed and the storage of important phone numbers is possible. Emergency mobile phone the most important function of the senior mobile is the emergency button, which is located mostly on the back.

The owner of the phone has the ability to save multiple numbers, which are called automatically one after the other in an emergency. If help is needed and the person concerned is itself no longer able to dial long phone numbers, the pressure on the SOS key ranges. The stored telephone numbers are called automatically until someone has been reached. It is advisable to use at least one of the free memory locations for the emergency, because family members are not always available.

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