Not subjects because I am with you, are not scared because I am its God, I will help you, and I will bring it forces to face everything that if to put to its front. Exactly that he is walking very next to the valley of the death, or is facing diverse bloody battles, I, its God, will place a barricade between you and its enemies and I will protect to it. Its body can until being imprisoned, but its soul always will be free, nobody and nothing it will be able to chain it. in the day when you will be lost, not knowing where to find its aid, and its eyes s to raise to mounts, then will remember that its aid comes of me, its Sir who made the sky and the land. I do not go to leave its feet to tropicarem and I will not cochilarei when I will be keeping its house. Yes, in the world you will go to pass for countless difficulties, but I calm its heart and have lain, I won the world. He does not have fear you are welcome that to come to face, you is mine, you are my son and I know to it for the first name.

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