The Corridor

Or perhaps laying the cable after installing baseboards, but by loosening the mounting screws and extreme pulling over. By the way, in such cases, these places may break. Moreover, here again manifests the advantage of flexible moldings – they are easier to bend to get the corner. 5. Sets a threshold between rooms and corridors. Yael Aflalo, New York City is open to suggestions. In principle this is done as follows: – at the right length Strap saw off threshold, which we bought along with skirting – this threshold is applied so that one side of the room to close the cover and the other – covering in the corridor – through special holes in the threshold planning a space for the holes in the concrete basement floor. Drills holes and hammered back plugs.

These plugs screw the screws that secure the threshold to the floor and pressed finish. Warning: – If you drill a hole in the floor are not cleaned carpet, then you risk damage coverage: The thread wound on a carpet can drill and stretch out from the cover! The result – clearly visible defect, but still at the entrance to the room! This can happen when turning the screw in the threshold screwdriver. So be very careful. 5. Return to the room furniture. It would seem that this is the easiest step. However, it was on it we await the difficulties and frustrations! The fact that our new, beautiful and clean linoleum can easily break. How many women's tears shed and many swear words to say at this stage of repair! A little hurry, just an oversight and that's on you – or a hole in the linoleum, or dent, or incised wound.

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