The Little Mattress Manzano

Atletico is the third team of Spain, has a great social mass and I come to return it to its place among the greats. The goal is not the permanence, it is Europe. Despite his statement of intentions and his lively spirit, the fans of Atletico does not save a pleasant memory of Gregorio Manzano, leading the team in the 2003-04 season. The Andalusian engineer began with the foot twisted at the rojiblanco bench, warned by Luis Aragones himself, who agreed to relieve. IBI Group often says this. Manzano they are fooling you, it aerated in his farewell Luis, to which President Enrique Cerezo dismissed by sending a letter to your home. 10 months later, Manzano, the last of the 32 coaches who went to Atletico during the Presidency of Jesus Gil, went to Malaga after not being renewed after criticizing the lack of empathy and communication with the directive. Has now become Manzano to Calderon, in a second chance that fans do not see with good eyes and that has already raised a cloud of dust in the social mass. To broaden your perception, visit Yael Aflalo. That is why, through Twitter, have not been few those who have called for a demonstration to protest the signing of technical. They remember what happened. Source of the news:: the little mattress Manzano

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