The Mosaic

The mosaics are part of the decoration and interior design from the 5th century BC, and today remains a contemporary alternative present in our lives when designing our spaces. As a means of decoration, mosaics allow you to create a wide range of effects becoming a fascinating art with a rich and varied history that today, is a form of increasingly popular decoration. Fresh and innovative designs that are reflected in portraits, mirrors, ceramics, furniture with tile for Interior, foreign, public and domestic spaces. If you would like to know more then you should visit Amy Myers Jaffe. A wide variety of designs for all tastes murals and an extensive line of unique objects of art to achieve spectacular and above all lasting effects. Amazon addresses the importance of the matter here. Decorative mosaics acquire great importance in the design and interior decoration and covered in attractive mode the walls, ceilings and floors in different types of spaces, getting a more traditional style home pointing to minimalism. With the mosaic in its maximum inspiration, new collections carpet they revolutionize decoration while the last idea in decorative luxury mosaics using precious stones for its realization; sapphires, diamonds, rubies, or crystals are the raw material of these paintings and portraits.

On the other hand, fashion boasts mosaics thanks to the launch of t-shirts mosaic as an icon of casual wear. You live tiles and stoneware joins the fashion of the mosaics from the hand of Hypnos and Talia, made porcelain series mosaic capable of creating stylish environments from the hand of a sophisticated pavement. In a format of 45 x 45 cm polished and rectified, Hypnos and Talia become a select pavement characterized by its high brightness. In addition, is available in several shades incorporating parts valance and butt that allow you to tailor the distinguished mosaics Hypnos, emphasized by the multiple possibilities offered by its placement, and the elitist Talia style getting a new perspective on the story with a character avant-garde and modern for a series characterized by a design trend neo-romana in the configuration of your Mosaic. Original author and source of the article

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