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It is also the It’s time that we all learn, to deal with separation processes. Only in this way, a positive culture of separation can occur. Companies will need the expertise of executives, professionally and gracefully to accompany separation processes. But the reality is that executives like cede responsibility to personnel departments. But also the HR itself are required. It is their responsibility to introduce a positive culture of separation in a company and to train managers in it. Task of a human resources department should be also, to ensure that separations with the necessary respect and decency will take place.

It has to monitor the processes and should insist on compliance with the rules. Cupboards understands that this is vital information. “Again and again is in practice to be observed, that executives without coordination with the human resources department the message of a notice on the persons concerned the fast” inform, often on the phone, on the course or in an email on Friday afternoon. Such behavior can only be considered degrading and insensitive, is but often lead back to uncertainty of executives. How can a professional management of separation and a positive culture of separation look instead? 1. with decency… First, condition is the insight that separation management is a part of the organizational and personnel development and must be developed continuously. Only if of shedding decent people will be dealt with, a downsizing project is goal-oriented and successful.

It pays demonstrably financially. And decent can be considered dealing with those affected with layoffs, if respect, attention and appreciation are essential components of the process. These values may not be lost under a huge action and time pressure. When you consider how much time in the selection of an employee is invested, how many interviews often are required, until a position is filled, you must muster probably understand if many argue, you don’t have time for a decent and dignified separation call.

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