Trucking Supply

It is hardly necessary to prove how great the role of transport in the smooth and rhythmic logistics economy. Enough, perhaps, to say that from transport depend on timely delivery of products, the value of the costs of logistics, the level of supply inventory from suppliers, enterprises of wholesale trade, inventories and other products. C creation in the extensive network of specialized and wholesale trade enterprises and increasing the proportion of storage forms of supply increases the role of the merchandise. His role in the delivery cargo shipments and smaller in the future will continuously increase. At the same time increasing the accountability of supply and marketing for the rational and efficient use of vehicles for transportation of goods from wholesalers. Meanwhile, issues of interaction of the logistics and transport is paid very little. All this led attempt to research in this area in order to identify ways to improve the interaction of supply and sales and service organizations in the motor companies – suppliers and consumers of products for industrial purposes. To this end, studied the functional relationship of logistics management and supply trucks, a mechanism for planning transportation from the warehouses of wholesale trade was determined by the scope of appropriate Use of vehicles, identify the factors affecting the efficiency of warehouse supplies and other products.

The research allowed to draw some conclusions and formulate a number of practical recommendations that could be useful for employees of logistics and transport involved in planning, organizing and developing activities to improve the storage supplies. In the process of logistics are determined amount and direction of production, the sequence of its movement from the suppliers through storage areas to consumers, developed conditions for the rational use of vehicles with regard avtogruzoperevozok range, payload, maneuverability, and other technical and operational characteristics of various kinds freight transport. All types of transport – rail, road, river, sea, and others – are interrelated units of an integrated transport system.

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