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Valentine’s day is at roses shine not profit, but merely, to win hearts. This time of year, Paul Byham has very much to do partner and Managing Director of the Munich online flower delivery Valentine’s day around the corner, and although the planning already long runs, the decisive phase now begins. For every florist is an exciting, but also stressful time”of Valentine’s day, says Byham. The volume of orders increases sharply, and this is an opportunity that will be taken to present the quality that we offer, and to draw attention to us.” Valentine’s day is so challenging, who says Byham, because men are generally reluctant would have thought! Most men think at least three or four days prior to Valentine’s day. Within these three or four days can increase our sales volume to twenty times that places high demands on our infrastructure. The quality of our product will not suffer, therefore We ensure that everything is in place in a timely manner to cope with this volume.” Byham further explains that the Valentine’s day, is profitable even though connected with a lot of work, but rarely for the florists. It is generally assumed that florists live for days like Valentine’s day, but in reality there are the farmers who make the most profit at this time.” Because the price the farmers earn depends on the market situation, you can capitalize from the large demand.

The florist must therefore higher prices paid, only the next day sinkendie prices again. If we so working with goods, which stands high in the course, we work a while unprofitable. That the Red Rose is the most popular product on Valentine’s day, should surprise no one. Most customers tend to stay with the traditional purchase of 24 long-stemmed red roses. Interestingly, well believe it or not, some customers ask us for tips for romance. Red roses are of course and Chocolates a good place to start, but our advice is always simply the worry is.

Take time and think about why your partner is so special. Valentine’s day and mother’s day are the two top selling days for roses shine. On the question whether Valentine’s day still plays a role, replies can with a broad smile sex is always a good motivation!” Nothing leaves a lasting impression as stunning, long-stemmed roses into the characteristic rose gloss gift box. Each flower box is carefully compiled to bring the receiver expressing your feelings. Love tips for Valentine’s day: want to do something special for your loved one and are desperately looking for ideas? No matter whether you want a gesture that is creative, overwhelming, affordable, fast, or classic, here are some great ideas: remember a special event that brought you together, or only you both know something. Celebrate this. Can enter your partner just a tub, Apparently, we never have time for a relaxing bath. Buy a nice bracelet watch your partner, and let each time spent with friends is a good time”engraved. “You make your own personal website, where all things are, you love another you personalize this page, by your love” as password or let the whole world see! Send your partner every day a week for a letter, each with a small poem, an image, or even a word that relates to your partnership, on what you love about the other or what has to do with love.

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