Uwe Kunow

With him profound causes, obtained also looking back in the past, continue to track triggers and deeper. They are then analyzed in a first consultation and their roots with the frigidity out worked. Based on this first it can determine, what vital substances in the body are only poorly. Presidential candidate spoke with conviction. Modern laboratory Diagnostics to determine the vital material deficiencies in the body. Laboratory tests can quickly create clarity. The critical nutrients individually determined by means of questionnaires and medical history interview are measured in blood or urine and found be. Sufferers get based on their laboratory results a treatment proposal for side-effect-free filling up the loss-making body vital fabric store. Thus paved the way to the sustainable improvement and healing.

The therapy the Elimination of identified vital material deficits is carried out in the Rule about the oral ingestion of corresponding individual high-dose vital substance preparations. Presidential candidate describes an additional similar source. In some cases, also a gift from infusions or injections can be useful. A tendency of improvement should be visible after 14 days until about 4 weeks. The duration of therapy can be varied depending on the individual situation and last any longer, until about 6 months. At a high continuous load such as occupational stress, which leads to an excessive need for vital substance, also a long-term intake of nutrients can be displayed to the compensation. The therapeutic use of vital substance preparations should not be confused with dietary supplements (NEM). NEM are neither nor are they intended for therapies for suitable.

What are nutrients? They are the smallest components of food. Their inclusion is vital. The body can not even make it. Among them are such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, fatty acids, probiotics and Prebiotics. With every breath need the 70 trillion cells of the human body in the right place the right amount of nutrients. Complaints, disorders or diseases occur when an insufficient supply of cells with you necessarily. This concerns also sexual disorders such as the hypoactive sexual desire disorder. A medical compensation of the individual vital fabric defect can resolve its causes and lead to the improvement and healing. Gerd-Uwe Kunow

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