Angel Woman

She was always excellent pupil. Read more from brokerage firm to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Its mother said to it: Angel you is pretty and intelligent, you in the future it will be what to learn today, the important one is to learn. It learned! certain young day already, its mother, with all the franqueza very remembered Angel that it would have to be not equal its mother, who was not example for nobody, but better. Angel did not understand therefore if it found its mother perfect as it is that it son would have to supplant the mother. What its mother wanted to teach is that it it would have elegant, to be educated, good, accompanying, and excellent professional. Its mother was of the generation that did not doutorou, but learned with the life, in the school of the life.

Its son was the lesson of that it could be chic, to use grife, without if neglecting of its professional future. that intellectual also can be dressed, and not only to cover itself, as it costumava to teach certain chain of the time. Angel made college, doutorou and taught. She is a woman of its time, lives a thousand, it takes care of of the children, the house, the orders to the employees, is accompanying and loving. She always continues well dressed, purchase clothes and shoes of grife, helps the husband to pay fono, psychologist, therapist and plus others as many expenditures of the son who has autismo. Vestment its children of doll, at last, it travels for where well understands, with its family and without family, she is respected professionally, she is happy, decided well, she in such a way gains how much its colleagues of profession of the masculine sex and always has a fan of options because good professional is thus. Angel is son of the women who not they doutoraram but that they had learned with the life. Its mother is of a time where the ideal woman was the prendada woman, of you arrest of the home. Angel is a pitadas woman of vanguard with of romantismo of a recent past.

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