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Ask questions, talk to sales staff. And conclude: the problem is not in the skills of sales, and personal limitations of the head. And offer him a global consulting project – starting with strategic planning, completing individual coaching of key staff. Good design, competent. Until now, confident that the work actually would solve the existing problems in the company.

Reply Customer: No, I do not need. And sales training for the company pursued a different specialist. Speaking candidly Gavin Baker told us the story. Then I made a basic rule for a sale, follow the customer. It must recognize the existence of the problem that I suggest to him to decide. In addition, it is very important for the consultant to understand their real possibilities.

Not knowledge, not certificates, not read the book – but what I'm ready to do. Presentation of their proposal. Your differences from others. We are used to begin any analysis of the proposals with the positioning of competitors. But this method does not work when the product and the seller are inseparable. The main rule is to your success lies in the fact that no one copy. Start with introspection. Do you have a unique experience, education, projects and clients. After careful analysis it appears that you have your own completely unique proposition. Specify it for their clients. Customer referrals. At the beginning of self-employment question: "Who else do you cooperate?" Seems difficult to answer it without training hard. The conclusion? Get ready for the answer to this question! Even if you have a shoulders of the year in the same company – it is a year of continuing professional development. And all the people you have taught, counseled, gave good advice – your customers. Make recommendations: some of them can brief and to answer the questions your customers? From observation: customers who call on the given phone numbers, not so much. But the recommendations are often asked – especially at the beginning of an independent career. Prepare list of its clients, specify who can give advice. But always remember the fundamental law of sales is better than you, about you, no one will say. Be convincing, selling their services! As perceived failures of clients. In most cases the reasons for rejection of the deal – the inner ones. Only an inexperienced seller is inclined to explain failure to external factors (lack of time, "failed to implement the period," etc.). And only an inexperienced seller refuses to information that gives us a refusal of the client. If a positive decision, we relax, do the usual work, pick up the money, looking for a new customer … The customer is always failure energy. And this energy triggers finding new solutions. Any failure of the customer gives us an additional opportunity for professional growth and development. Thank our customers for criticism – that these clients to help you grow. Identity of the seller The best advertising for the consultant – consultant himself. And his main task – to demonstrate that the very success and confidence, which, after working with you must purchase the client. You do not sell techniques – you demonstrate how they work in your life and your business. If you are a professional, confident in the results, prepared for difficult situations – go to the talks.

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