Axel Keulertz

The employee will use to work out or to transfer their tasks in the evening hours only the possibility of to home, if this is not tolerated in the Organization, but actually lived. This requires rethinking, because gender diversity can relate well to men, who also want to use the flexible working hours to pick up the children from kindergarten.” Companies must consider in its future recruitment strategies that women have a fundamentally different notion of career than men. Many women see career differently than most men not as the climbing of a position to the next higher, rather than a steady path to personal growth, self-realization and satisfaction. Also, women generally are much less hierarchical marked. “The factor power”, the latent always resonates in a successful career, comes intuitively from many women.

In addition, that women intending to become pregnant at least for a period of time cannot be replaced in her role of mother. Companies in their considerations must take into account the family-related interruption, they want to keep talented employees in the company. To the target group of women”to build a successful employer branding other values and values must be communicated. To Axel Keulertz: the employer preferences of women differ in many ways from those of men and the company should respond. Flexible working conditions are for example, 23.5 percent of women but only for 18.9 Percent of men that is important.” So anyone who would like to increase the pool of female executives, must ensure not only that enough women are set to build a corresponding talent base, but in the company itself incentive systems must be designed, that women’s careers are possible. Female recruiting can therefore only work if the women – and family-friendly values of the company in the target group of women are convincing and authentic worn and lived by all areas within the organization.

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