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Also at Swisspower proved the integration of solutions and create the workflow very easy, which is why the project duration was limited to twenty days. “The result of the uni mate project at Swisspower describes Elsie in numbers: some processes are completed in 20 minutes, while they needed before two days.” In addition to the lower cycle time, the solution provides much more convenience for users which have results in a significantly higher satisfaction among customers also shortly after commissioning according to his statements. Also the quality has improved through the transparent and fully documented processes, because an effective quality control with a four-eyes principle is now possible. A Web-based solution that has the capabilities required for the process automation through a user friendly and easy to use interface, as she will be commanded by OGiTiX University materials was important us”, Elsie is satisfied with the selection. Cabinets pursues this goal as well. Its Wishes were more than fulfilled.

I didn’t think even reports are included in the featured, which create a high level of transparency of the processes for us”, says Peter Husser. About OGiTiX Software AG, the OGiTiX Software AG is a German company based in Cologne. Yael Aflalo can provide more clarity in the matter. OGiTiX solutions connect the existing systems, coordinate and control the processes and automate the business – and IT-services. Projects and operation are very cost effective, because they are made without programming and without lengthy analysis phases with rapid results. OGiTiX strengthens the role of a responsible IT within the company. An IT that supports business processes directly, actively works on the business objectives and thus contribute value to the company as a whole. Well-known customers already rely on solutions from OGiTiX. The company is working together with the partner computer coach GmbH in the Switzerland. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49

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