Basic Education

We search through the application of the ER to develop the tolerance for the diversity, without denying its proper belief that indicates a possible and adequate way for the treatment of the displayed subject. We mainly defend the applicability of Religious Ensino in the based Basic Education in the human, familiar values and in the respect to ' ' diferente' ' , searching always the unit in the diversity, of this form we present our proposal: One disciplines pertaining to school conceived in the religious cultural diversity of Brazil; One disciplines centered in the religious anthropology and not in catequese or exposition of doctrine; One disciplines organized pertaining to school to make possible the access to the religious knowledge – patrimony of the humanity, from the religious cultural plurality of the classroom. We develop our proposal concerning it disciplines ER not only visualizing that the same one is applied in the public schools of the state and particular net, in Basic Ensino of the Basic Education, has seen that the same one cannot is fracionada in its objectives and its proposal educational as the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, (LDBEN), when it defines the Basic Education of the following form: Art. 21 of the LDB interpolated proposition I says: The pertaining to school education is composed in ' ' basic education, formed for the infantile education, basic education and education mdio' '. Already the Federal Constitution in its art. 210 1 says: Religious education, of facultative school registration, will constitute disciplines of the normal schedules of the public schools of basic education. 4, of art. 26 of the LDB, make use on the education of the History of Brazil in the resumes of educations basic and average, which will have to take in account ' ' contributions of the different cultures and etnias for the formation of the Brazilian people, especially of the aboriginal matrices, African and europia' '. .

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