Carpets offer great warmth and comfort. They provide aesthetic value to the decor and have sound insulation properties (they absorb sound and contribute to silence). In addition, they are easy to place on other floors without having to do works. Simple or suggestive, the carpets are adapted to all kinds of environments, provided that they do not come into direct contact with moisture or water, for example in bathrooms and kitchens. Also avoid the placement of carpet in places with people allergic to mites. It is true that they accumulate dust and dirt if it not treated or cleaned properly. They require much maintenance and cleaning. If you want that carpet is the focal point of the room, then use one that has a central figure (circle, guards, etc.) If on the other hand, the focal point is another object of decoration (for example, a piece of furniture or a home with logs), choose a folder with a more general or repetitive upholstery.

When combined with walls and upholstery, it will depend on these to choose the design of the carpet. Tapestries and wall with design developed, choose discrete carpets. Tapestries and wall more off, you can try with a design more rich to add interest to the room. Clear carpets have the property of make it seem bigger guys environments. Not limited to rectangular shapes: circular or octagonal rugs give a touch of originality to the fourth.

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