The Family

Some children do not sleep in strange places, so bring your favorite pillow or stuffed toy to them it was easier. To begin let's deal with entertainment to suit any type of transport by which you travel. Any game, whether active or silent at the table, carry a cognitive element. They develop a child speech, intelligence, memory. While playing, children learn new skills much better than in the classroom. Games contribute to the development of imagination and fantasy, encourage the child to be creative.

He begins to rhyme simple words, and writes his first poems. The task of the adult – to begin an intellectual game and carry away her child. Look out the window. We can assume by passing cars, or cars of a certain color, but for the kids older and for dads who understand, can complicate the game a score of cars on a model. Or just teach the kid to understand the cars, calling each passing by. Ideal for automotive travel games with words, they are very popular and are of great importance for the development of thought and speech.

These games are very useful for the development of adults. Previously, it was decided in the family play in words. Let's resume this slightly half-forgotten tradition, as word games, very fun. "Guess the word" thinks of vodyaschy word and utters the first letter. Participants in the game should ask leading questions to be answered "Yes" or "NO". "This is a tree? "-" No, this is not an oak, "" It's dishes? "-" No, this is not a colander, "etc. until it is known the word. "Verbal dominoes." Easy and fun game, the next party calls a word that starts with the last letter of the word uttered by the previous player. Can complicate the game, to name but a piece of furniture, clothing, names of trees, etc.

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