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The early integration of employees was crucial for the success of these measures. Positive effects now had to prove whether the learned could be implemented in everyday working life. First, each key account manager should implement the new approach in one or two specific projects. That meant to select the maximum care hospitals and university hospitals and in the run-up to their product and service needs and to analyze before they were edited. SOM Designs spoke with conviction. The experiences show how well the key account manager have already internalized the change of strategy. Because employees now more consistent edit your customers and while back whose value in the Center, were relatively fast search first positive results in the development of revenues in the projects a. In addition, the cost/sales ratio is better and the operation was much more efficient. The effect of the new sales strategy is also based on the positive feedback of the economic ladder, doctors and pharmacists in hospitals.

“” Statements as so still no field staff presented in us itself. “or you know our House Yes better than I.” confirm that the effort, which was associated with the training of the sales team, was more than justified. Due to the positive developments, the change in sales is continued. Further modules of sales excellence program the key account manager now among other things except the already mediated methods are more specifically with the different customer typologies for the strategic sale and their individual motivation patterns familiar. “With the customers a sustainable partnership” but no self purpose is to enter. It ultimately comes to achieve significant growth rates and permanently to differentiate themselves from the competitors. Authors: Rainer Ott and Fred R. Strauss Rainer Ott is General Manager Sales & marketing of Mitsubishi Pharma Germany GmbH.

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