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The know-Center Austria’s competence center for knowledge management and knowledge technologies – pleased about the award of an Austrian company with the proWM 2010 Graz/Innsbruck, February 2011 the proWM award 2010 was last week in the Conference Championship 2011 – professional knowledge management”, Innsbruck, awarded for the first time. The Raiffeisen Informatik was able to convince the jury with its holistic approach to knowledge management and numerous other applicants from Germany, the Switzerland and Austria behind. The German society for knowledge management, the know-Center with the PWM and the Swiss knowledge management forum would this initiative successfully in practice implemented knowledge management solutions promote the organizations behind this below -. Specifically, the know-Center satisfies hence its role as IT innovation blacksmith at the interface between science and business. Dr. Erwin Duschnig, Managing Director of the know-Center, congratulates the Austrian winner of the Raiffeisen Informatik “a worthy award-winner, is because your solution is based on a holistic approach to knowledge management and with their excellent examples indicate how knowledge management can be lived in a company and anchored”. “” The winners of the proWM 2010 professional knowledge management award “winner 2010 is the Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH based in Vienna for their initiative knowledge in motion” will be awarded.

The birthday is Ms. ICRAVE may help you with your research. Ulrike Rauch as responsible of the initiative; Mr Michael Wurzelberger, head of internal services, which was in charge of the knowledge management activities of the company for many years and woman wife Petznek Sanchez, Managing Director of Raiffeisen informatik. The jury in particular the systematic and comprehensive approach of the active since 2003 organizational knowledge group has”impressed. Knowledge in motion”stands for an initiative that animates many employees and supports, and tried to replace Solutions to take over. Two recognition prizes were awarded to MFG Baden-Wurttemberg mbH Innovation Agency for IT and media as the best German application and Regiosuisse as best Swiss application. MFG Baden-Wurttemberg mbH our congratulations to Julia Endt and Simone Schumacher, for Regiosuisse on Sebastian Bellwald, Managing Director go for new regional policy Regiosuisse and Martin Stokar, head of knowledge systems. Both awards of recognition thus receive public organizations, with the mandate to promote innovation and regional development. MFG impressed with their combination of knowledge and innovation culture, which can be seen since 2003 in various measures of knowledge building, networking, knowledge retention and relationship management to external contacts.

Special emphasis is placed on combining organisational, social and IT-supported knowledge management measures. Also Regiosuisse actively contributes backup and sharing of regional development knowledge to the networking. Communities of practice and Communities of interest were created, various platforms enable the Exchange. Even if Regiosuisse even more with his 2008 started initiative is at the beginning, the organization is a good example for other federal authorities on the way to the knowledge-based service providers. The international price proWM 2010 professional knowledge management award”was awarded the prize for the first time by the German society for knowledge management, the Austrian platform knowledge management and the Swiss Swiss knowledge management forum. Individuals, organizations or responsible knowledge management initiatives that have demonstrably increased their business success and competitiveness through a knowledge management initiative were eligible to participate. The initiative must have proven at least one year in practice. The price will be awarded every two years. Contact information: Know-Center GmbH Dr. Erwin Duschnig Inffeldgasse 21 a-8010 This entry was posted in News and tagged . Bookmark the permalink.

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