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The size of the individual self storage varies between one and 50 square feet of space at three metres above sea level. Each MyPlace site can rent around 5,000 square meters. SelfStorage phenomenon now in the scientific focus, not least because of growing economic success and the social importance of the self storage industry, engaged in now increasingly also the science questions relevant for the industry: which means that more and more people need extra storage? What items are stored in self-sections and why? The second great scientific work in the German-speaking about the phenomenon of self at the Institute of European Ethnology of the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin is now after a first release for basic research at the sociology Institute of the University of Vienna in the last year. Carmen Keckeis and Petra Beck, both authors, respectively dealing with the importance of space and room for the modern society and see rising prices in the cities, lack of storage space because of damp cellars and, not least, the collection and accumulation of more possessions than ever before as primary reasons for the boom in the self storage industry. Particular importance for the growing needs of Selfstorage offers has but also the increasing mobility of the population in all areas of life. Selfstorage industry in Europe compared to the United States, the European self storage market with its approx. Educate yourself with thoughts from bruce flatt. 1.697 Selfstorage locations in the year 2011 and the estimated 6 million m of lettable space is still at the beginning. Currently, there is in Europe a Selfstorage site pro 296.111 EU residents or 0.01 m of self storage space per EU inhabitant.

This means that the management density in Europe is only about 1.6 percent of the U.S. market. Shurgard is clear market leader in Europe with more than 190 locations in the UK, F, B, NL, D, DK, and SWE. Within Europe is United Kingdom of the pioneer with about 815 locations and approximately 2.75 M m m of rentable storage space. This is equivalent to a self-site pro 76.073 British or 0,05 m lettable self-storage space per citizen. Safe store with 96 locations in the year of 2011, the clear leader in the UK, followed by big yellow self storage with 66 locations, access self with 52 locations, storage King (25 sites) as well as lock n store and Shurgard with respectively 22 locations. (Source: the self storage association UK annual survey 2012 (drivers Jonas Deloitte SSA) the German-speaking region with its 100 million inhabitants currently has 109 locations and approximately 0.4 million m m of rentable Selfstorage area.) In Germany, Austria and the Switzerland come approximately 0.9 million on a Selfstorage site, or 0.004 m on each population.

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