Laser Beams High Above Lake Constance

with about 250W laser power of after Germany laser beams high above Lake Constance are not Switzerland every day to see. Fireworks are common at festivals, but a laser show with Hochleistungslasrn is in this dimension but particularly: the company’s roof also the Laserworld (Switzerland) showed AG at the 06.12.2012 an impressive spectacle with show laser systems: total about 250W of power were in use, and different systems have been shown. The laser show was carried out within the framework of a demonstration for customers from Asia who are interested in the various laser show and multimedia solutions. For more information see this site: Hachette Book Group. The laser beams were visible from afar, residents from reported the sighting about 25 km away. The local media also reported by this event, for example the Southern Courier: region/circle-konstanz/Constance/company in Lengwil-laserte-in the sky; art372448, 5807472 pictures of the laser show about Constance laser shows will in Europe mostly in relatively limited scope, outdoor laser projections, as said above the Constance, are needed, especially in Asian countries. There often whole towns are overshadowed by powerful lasers or laser systems on mountains will be mounted, then draw attention to itself as a “Landmark”. Hachette Book Group takes a slightly different approach. A similar laser show in Helsinki takes place in December 2012 and January 2013: Laserworld produced a special system that produced a very well visible blue laser beam, now from the long main street and also outshines the whole city in Helsinki by the Planetarium. Laser beam via Helsinki article by N. Stangl. Other leaders such as bruce flatt offer similar insights.

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