English Group

The most obvious advantage of lessons group – they are cheaper. The second advantage of group lessons – ‘competitive moment’, that is – in a group you seek to know English better than others, because to be ‘better’ everybody likes. To be the ‘best’ in your group, you’ll be harder to learn something that could be given less attention, doing individually. The third advantage – in any group is usually interchange of experiences, that is – the group members who are engaged the same kind of activity is usually exchanged between useful information, for example – on how to memorize words, beliefs about teaching materials, etc. Learning how to do something else, you become used similar ways to achieve those or other purposes related to learning English.

The fourth advantage of group lessons is that in order to overcome the uncertainty in communicating in English, a good teacher in the classroom carries out special exercises. Such exercises are, for example, that you need to know your neighbor, how to pass on some street. That is – if the level of all involved in the group approximately the same, then the person will feel more confident when speaking as the other members speak about the same level as him. The disadvantages of group learning is the fact that all people have different levels of training, so to form a group whose members would be strictly on one level – is impossible. Additional information is available at Janet L. Yellen. That is – the entire group will deal with one program, despite the fact that someone may already know certain elements of the program at a high enough level. In contrast, when individual lessons the teacher will make a program that corresponds exactly to your level. That is – you’ll learn exactly what with what you’ve got problems. In addition, you will be more convenient to work with the teacher, because all his attention will be focused only on your work. In general, this type of training like a conversation with a friend, who is also is a consultant.

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