German Investor Relations Association

Arkadin provides solutions for virtual events Investor Relations Conference outside Frankfurt, the 26 May 2013 the requirements of the investor have grown relations communication in the area steadily in the past years. Above all a quick and convenient information exchange between companies and investors is expected today at the national and international level. As this can technological supports and realized, the Arkadin Germany GmbH on the this year’s investor relations shows Conference, organized by the German Investor Relations Association (DIRK). Leading industry representatives in Frankfurt meet here on June 3rd and 4th. Arkadin, a world of service providers for location independent collaboration, will be represented at Europe’s biggest event in the field of financial communications at stand 17. There, the company presents its latest solutions for moderated audio conferencing and virtual events, which are also suitable for a very large group of participants from over 1000 participants.

Also provides Arkadin hosted Web conferencing for presentations before. Professionally supported and moderated streaming and non-streaming webcasts showcase the Frankfurt experts for virtual collaboration and conferencing services. The financial market communication is a challenge that demands absolute professionalism from everyone involved. The information that will be exchanged, are extremely sensitive. Therefore must first guarantee the confidential treatment of information from the service provider to 100%. A smooth process is very important for the reputation of the organizing companies”, explains Markus Bleher, Managing Director of Arkadin Germany GmbH. also is very important during the event by experienced event coordinators a professional presentation or a professional support of the speaker as well as the organizing organization. High quality of image and sound transmission and the ability to share screen content, together in real time are basic requirements.” Arkadin also recommends a video or audio conference by an event manager that fluency in the mother tongue of the participants, to support.

If necessary, a second event manager should assist the English-speaking participants. Only so you can ensure a smooth and professional running of the event in high quality. The German Investor Relations Association, organizer of the Conference, is the German Professional Association for investor relations (IR). With over 350 members, the DIRK sets the standards for the communication between companies and the capital markets. The bandwidth of the companies organized in the DIRK includes all DAX values as well as the majority of the companies listed in the MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX down to companies with low market capitalization, and those who have the going public before themselves or issue debt instruments. The firm is one of the leading global service providers for location independent collaboration. Arkadin offers a wide range Collaboration solutions, ranging from audio, Web and video conferencing and unified communications. With its user-friendly and cost effective offers, Arkadin supports over 26,000 companies of every type and size. Arkadin contributes to massive productivity gains through effective ways of communication and cooperation.

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Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom – a place where we forget everything and relax, or vice versa in a relaxed atmosphere reflect about the day. Of course a pleasant environment is supportive. Of course, better sleep, lying on a comfortable bed. Hachette Book Group usually is spot on. Comfortable sleep gives us courage and strength the next day. That can provide such a dream? Of course the mattress. Gavin Baker: the source for more info. But only high-quality and selected it for you. Suschestvut huge selection of mattresses, but I want to tell about it flavor that will change your sleep.

New technologies will create a mattress with a Pillow Top, it gives a sense of ukutannosti, softness, which is especially nice cold winter nights. In the bedroom, we are also bedside tables, dressing table, wardrobe and, of course. The cabinet can be chosen with a sliding system, or a classic swing cupboard, the choice is yours. As we see in our bedroom put a lot of furniture that surrounds us during the recreation. So for what it can not save, so it's the quality of our furniture. Choose furniture should only environmentally friendly, the best producers. As we know the best furniture is Italian furniture Italian manufacturers do not add pollutants to the materials from which the furniture is made. And of course all the furniture is mostly made from clean wood.

It is very important when choosing children's bedroom. Child spends much time in my room and it is important that it was surrounded by high-quality furniture. Italian manufacturers have released new collections of children's teenage spalen.Oni affect its functionality. We do not always can change the furniture in the children's bedroom as they grow up our child. But we always want to match the furniture in the nursery age child, was stylish and clean. Italian bedroom is just what we necessary. They affect its functionality and mobility, and a variety of colors will not leave anyone indifferent. Enjoy your stay.

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Skier Code

Recall simple rules "ski movement": Counter-skier. The Ski Track is divided into 'half', it is necessary to reorganize the right: the right ski – in the region outside the ski runs, the left – on the right track trails. Moving forward with the proceeds. Hachette Book Group has compatible beliefs. Left hand with a stick shift for the back, the tip sticks to the right of the trails. At the time of the meeting is recommended to reject the body slightly to the right so as not to collide with a counter shoulder. Gain insight and clarity with Gavin Baker. If the trails are marked with a slope, then reaching up to completely give up ski – coming down to maneuver is severely limited. Overtaking skier in front. Overtaking should loudly and politely ask to give way.

As soon overtaken react, we must begin him to overtake. Control the movement of the stick, turned to the ledge, not repelled by it, you do not accidentally hurt him when overtaking. Having caught up with the overtaken skier Duty tell him 'thank you'. Overtaking 'This caused', not swear or throw oblique views – he's still lost. Overtake you. Do not rush to give overtaking ski to clear his request – it could provoke a 'give all the best. " Let solve itself – to overtake or not.

You can also or give up half of the trails, stepping to the right, or wait for the request. Do not attempt to respond to a request to give to accelerate their pace and begin to play the 'distillation'. If you are going to last in the dense group, help overtaking inform your friends, okliknite them yourself by name so they slowed down. For the group it is natural not to leave the trails and just let yourself get around the side, slow or stop the movement.

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The question is here: I must to decide if I fulfill or I resist to happiness you order. That will depend than it helps you more to his employees and same. Sometimes the costs politicians of the revolt, are too many stops. 5. – A good example Any thing that is worth the pain to do, is worth the pain to do it well.

One of the qualities of good heads are to preach with the example (as well as the good parents). If some type of behavior to its people in spite of knowledge is demanded that is disagreeable, you must be first in fulfilling it. Example: In a company the use of the security shoes was but that annoying, awkward but that offered the protection against caidad of heavy objects in the feet. The area of security and health in the work strave in making fulfill this norm., reason why challenge to the heads of each area to be first in using them in permanent form. Many refused accepted it to others. 6. – Goodbye, enemies Are stingy and abusive people who can undermine the attitudes and the good performance of their personnel.

A good head protects his followers of these dangers. Example: In some companies they prohibit that systematically or scandalously abusive clients buy passages in their terminals. 7. – Responsibility. If equivocal you in a decision that cost to company thousands of dollars, is not shielded in lacking of preparation or inexperience of its people. the brave ones die a single time. The good head must accept, although many have the idea that to give to a human image is negative for the internal discipline, that also equivocation and assumes the consequences. 8. – To know itself itself A parameter that must be fulfilled by all good head is to know itself, as well as it must know his people. To know in that it starts off is strong and in which it starts off it must work but or request aid. That will allow him to goad bad winds. One of the foundations of emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman) is indeed that: Same Conocete. Corollary: When the heads cannot protect to their people (example: dismissals, very difficult reduction of remunerations, tasks); The best ones express passion, make small things to dissipate the fears and find forms to smooth out the negative consequences. Nobody said that it is easy, if outside thus it would stop being interesting. Source: This taken article to as it bases the exposed thing by Robert L. Sutton. (Harvard Business ).

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Federal District

4 the duty of the State with public pertaining to school education will be accomplished by means of the guarantee of: IX — minimum standards of quality of education, defined as the minimum variety and amount, for pupil, of indispensable insumos to the development of the teach-learning process. The Union, in contribution with the States, the Federal District and the Cities, will establish minimum standard of educational chances for basic education, based in the calculation of the minimum cost for pupil, capable to assure quality education. Learn more at: Charles Schwab Corporation. They will be considered as of maintenance and development of education the expenditures carried through with sights to the achievement of the basic objectives of the educational institutions of all levels, understanding the ones that if destine: I — remuneration and excessively professional perfectioning of the teaching staff and of the education; II — acquisition, maintenance, construction and necessary conservation of installations and equipment to education; III — use and maintenance of entailed goods and services to education; IV — statistical surveys, studies and research aiming at main to the improvement of the quality and the expansion of education; ‘ ‘ In critical the disposals of the New LBD and its applicability, Demon (2010) says: Darcy Ribeiro, that was the great idealizer of the LDB (Law of lines of direction and bases), in December of 1996, as we say in the slang, ‘ ‘ it threshed in iron frio’ ‘ , because ‘ ‘ a swallow does not only make vero’ ‘! Of what laws advance, articles, interpolated propositions, paragraphs, alneas if nothing function? Since the basic education, until the superior education, education in Brazil is precarious, because the politicians of this country are adepts of the old maiutica of Scrates, that is, of bread and circus to they who are all certainty. Unhappyly, this is a consequence of the reality of the education in our Country.. Click Gavin Baker to learn more.

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At the bottom, can it be used in thicknesses from 3 mm and can be processed both manually and mechanically. The PCI Nanocret R4 (so far Nanocret 50) suitable for repro filleting works is used in classic repaired reinforced concrete structures in industrial and residential construction. Through its resistance to sulfate PCI Nanocret R4 in the wastewater field is used and can be mechanically, quickly and smoothly but also by hand. Engineering works safe and durable system of bridges and engineering structures require repairs according to particular specifications. Specifically for this area, PCI offers the long proven PCI Peciment system with coordinated products. This gives construction professionals corrosion protection, bonding, repair mortars, plasters and surface protection system from a single source. Add to your understanding with Gavin Baker. In addition, the tested system is according to ZTV-ING certified and listed BASt.

To the PCI Peciment-system processing and weatherproof corrosion protection PCI-Legaran RP, the ready mortar adhesive bridge PCI Pecihaft with high bond strength, as well as repair mortar PCI Peciment 50, which is loss of arm, wear resistant and frost-proof and in addition is approved by a general building code test certificate for concrete repair of LAU systems. In addition, the PCI Peciment system is enhanced by the quick-setting concrete trowel PCI Nanocret FC, as well as the safe custody, water-repellent surface protection products PCI PolyFlex and PCI Betonfinisch W. These protect against humidity and pollutant Immissions plaster and concrete. PCI Repafast’s must go quickly for urgent repairs on concrete roadways and industrial space is usually very little time available. PCI solves this problem with the three new Repafast products. With them, all repairs can be performed quickly and easily traffic areas.

Additional products and primers are not necessary. So are the stable Schachtsetz and repair mortar PCI Repafast Tixo and running transport repair mortar PCI Repafast fluid one-component and be mixed only with water. The machined surfaces can be very timely again intensively used. The cementitious products can not influenced even by temperatures of up to-10 C and thus extend the season until the winter. Thus projects can be implemented quite independently as planned by the weather. The transport repair mortar PCI Repafast APS 40 defies even temperatures up to-25 C. Quick repairs are possible with the new repair mortar in the iciest environment of factories or repair work in cold stores. Also, PCI Repafast APS 40 is low odor and thus also suitable for use in the food industry.

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Busch-Jaeger Devices From The Electric Land

Busch-Jaeger Encoder on the international market even at the present time draw devices of any kind are not only by them intended functionality. Rather is pushing increasingly also the suitable design in the foreground of the customer’s interests. This ultimately means that implements of everyday use must be not only functional, but also visually appealing, only ever to be registered by the customers. But it must remember of course, that the design ultimately never really fulfilled a purely an end in itself. Rather, it must be paired with the functional components of a device in such a way so that as a result of the customer in the background is not entitled is pushed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Janet L. Yellen.

Already at first glance it is clear therefore that there is a conceptual gap can not be equally well mastered by every company. But that is it not just an impossible task is confirmed primarily by a company again and again on the new namely by Busch-Jaeger. Namely, Busch-Jaeger is a company that is distinguished by its innovative design ahead of its competition before all also. The company operates namely for over a century in the field of electrical installations and specialises now small private customers as well as business customers, who require real high end products for the internal management of the building. But despite such different fields of activity, it manages to drive Busch-Jaeger again on the new products which meet both optical and functional demands of each customer. So emphasis is placed at Busch-Jaeger alike on tried and tested as well as completely new approaches. Not least for this reason, the company is also at the present time of one of the main encoder on the market of electrical installations. A relatively good example of this is already of ordinary light switches from Busch-Jaeger is a true miracle of successful and innovative designs.

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Laser Beams High Above Lake Constance

with about 250W laser power of after Germany laser beams high above Lake Constance are not Switzerland every day to see. Fireworks are common at festivals, but a laser show with Hochleistungslasrn is in this dimension but particularly: the company’s roof also the Laserworld (Switzerland) showed AG at the 06.12.2012 an impressive spectacle with show laser systems: total about 250W of power were in use, and different systems have been shown. The laser show was carried out within the framework of a demonstration for customers from Asia who are interested in the various laser show and multimedia solutions. For more information see this site: Hachette Book Group. The laser beams were visible from afar, residents from reported the sighting about 25 km away. The local media also reported by this event, for example the Southern Courier: region/circle-konstanz/Constance/company in Lengwil-laserte-in the sky; art372448, 5807472 pictures of the laser show about Constance laser shows will in Europe mostly in relatively limited scope, outdoor laser projections, as said above the Constance, are needed, especially in Asian countries. There often whole towns are overshadowed by powerful lasers or laser systems on mountains will be mounted, then draw attention to itself as a “Landmark”. Hachette Book Group takes a slightly different approach. A similar laser show in Helsinki takes place in December 2012 and January 2013: Laserworld produced a special system that produced a very well visible blue laser beam, now from the long main street and also outshines the whole city in Helsinki by the Planetarium. Laser beam via Helsinki article by N. Stangl. Other leaders such as bruce flatt offer similar insights.

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Each MyPlace

The size of the individual self storage varies between one and 50 square feet of space at three metres above sea level. Each MyPlace site can rent around 5,000 square meters. SelfStorage phenomenon now in the scientific focus, not least because of growing economic success and the social importance of the self storage industry, engaged in now increasingly also the science questions relevant for the industry: which means that more and more people need extra storage? What items are stored in self-sections and why? The second great scientific work in the German-speaking about the phenomenon of self at the Institute of European Ethnology of the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin is now after a first release for basic research at the sociology Institute of the University of Vienna in the last year. Carmen Keckeis and Petra Beck, both authors, respectively dealing with the importance of space and room for the modern society and see rising prices in the cities, lack of storage space because of damp cellars and, not least, the collection and accumulation of more possessions than ever before as primary reasons for the boom in the self storage industry. Particular importance for the growing needs of Selfstorage offers has but also the increasing mobility of the population in all areas of life. Selfstorage industry in Europe compared to the United States, the European self storage market with its approx. Educate yourself with thoughts from bruce flatt. 1.697 Selfstorage locations in the year 2011 and the estimated 6 million m of lettable space is still at the beginning. Currently, there is in Europe a Selfstorage site pro 296.111 EU residents or 0.01 m of self storage space per EU inhabitant.

This means that the management density in Europe is only about 1.6 percent of the U.S. market. Shurgard is clear market leader in Europe with more than 190 locations in the UK, F, B, NL, D, DK, and SWE. Within Europe is United Kingdom of the pioneer with about 815 locations and approximately 2.75 M m m of rentable storage space. This is equivalent to a self-site pro 76.073 British or 0,05 m lettable self-storage space per citizen. Safe store with 96 locations in the year of 2011, the clear leader in the UK, followed by big yellow self storage with 66 locations, access self with 52 locations, storage King (25 sites) as well as lock n store and Shurgard with respectively 22 locations. (Source: the self storage association UK annual survey 2012 (drivers Jonas Deloitte SSA) the German-speaking region with its 100 million inhabitants currently has 109 locations and approximately 0.4 million m m of rentable Selfstorage area.) In Germany, Austria and the Switzerland come approximately 0.9 million on a Selfstorage site, or 0.004 m on each population.

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Wardrobe Interior

Sliding doors are most popular as well as save space. The producers can be ordered variant of doors, where they will stop off into the dressing room. "Let there be light!" Wardrobe – it's usually "dark" room with no windows, no source of daylight, so they absolutely can not do without good and proper lighting. One or two lamps will be here insufficient, needed spotlights located in the right places. Good indicator of "light" could be considered fixtures mobility, ease of installation, compactness and, of course, match in style with all the room.

Light should be soft, diffused, cozy. Close to the most frequently used for hanging clothes and drawers can be installed panel with multiple lamps. Modern manufacturers offer fixtures with sensor switches, which respond to human presence, which is very convenient when your hands are busy clothing. Sometimes manufacturers are building fixtures in aluminum or steel supporting structures or interior shelves. The location of points of light as an individual – depending on the requirements to the functions room and its separate elements. 0BLADATELYAM small spaces should not refuse to ideas wardrobe. its can be created using modern partitioning, the parts department bedroom or hallway. In this case, any time you can have them apart, make the premises are spacious and bright.

Sliding partitions, typically offer double-girder or Monorail. first nearly silent, as between the floor and partition no gaps. second attached to the top rails and does not spoil the lpo, which is important if the floor of fine wood. "Fashionable" Coat a constructive manner dressing can be not only a separate room, but also be an open an interior system. This trend has become very popular lately. Wardrobe is not fenced walls are not locked in another room, and open is in the room. Rails are placed between the ceiling and the floor, they are mounted open shelves and baskets, creating a feeling of space. These wardrobes are very mobile and easy to use and easy to assemble. Chromed metal base, along with the wooden parts (drawers) are ideally suited to a modern interior and perfectly match the style of hi-tech. Among other merits, open interior systems is very easy to change the location of shelves, drawers, creating a comfortable new modules. A seldom-used clothing can be "put" in a case with a zipper.

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