Carpets offer great warmth and comfort. They provide aesthetic value to the decor and have sound insulation properties (they absorb sound and contribute to silence). In addition, they are easy to place on other floors without having to do works. Simple or suggestive, the carpets are adapted to all kinds of environments, provided that they do not come into direct contact with moisture or water, for example in bathrooms and kitchens. Also avoid the placement of carpet in places with people allergic to mites. It is true that they accumulate dust and dirt if it not treated or cleaned properly. They require much maintenance and cleaning. If you want that carpet is the focal point of the room, then use one that has a central figure (circle, guards, etc.) If on the other hand, the focal point is another object of decoration (for example, a piece of furniture or a home with logs), choose a folder with a more general or repetitive upholstery.

When combined with walls and upholstery, it will depend on these to choose the design of the carpet. Tapestries and wall with design developed, choose discrete carpets. Tapestries and wall more off, you can try with a design more rich to add interest to the room. Clear carpets have the property of make it seem bigger guys environments. Not limited to rectangular shapes: circular or octagonal rugs give a touch of originality to the fourth.

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The Family

Some children do not sleep in strange places, so bring your favorite pillow or stuffed toy to them it was easier. To begin let's deal with entertainment to suit any type of transport by which you travel. Any game, whether active or silent at the table, carry a cognitive element. They develop a child speech, intelligence, memory. While playing, children learn new skills much better than in the classroom. Games contribute to the development of imagination and fantasy, encourage the child to be creative.

He begins to rhyme simple words, and writes his first poems. The task of the adult – to begin an intellectual game and carry away her child. Look out the window. We can assume by passing cars, or cars of a certain color, but for the kids older and for dads who understand, can complicate the game a score of cars on a model. Or just teach the kid to understand the cars, calling each passing by. Ideal for automotive travel games with words, they are very popular and are of great importance for the development of thought and speech.

These games are very useful for the development of adults. Previously, it was decided in the family play in words. Let's resume this slightly half-forgotten tradition, as word games, very fun. "Guess the word" thinks of vodyaschy word and utters the first letter. Participants in the game should ask leading questions to be answered "Yes" or "NO". "This is a tree? "-" No, this is not an oak, "" It's dishes? "-" No, this is not a colander, "etc. until it is known the word. "Verbal dominoes." Easy and fun game, the next party calls a word that starts with the last letter of the word uttered by the previous player. Can complicate the game, to name but a piece of furniture, clothing, names of trees, etc.

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Modern Kitchens

Until not long ago time, the kitchen ideal was the one of a full space of life, with textures, aromas and colors that raised the senses. There was a tendency to use the wood as the main material for the construction of the kitchen furniture, that along with a suitable decoration and a good illumination was managed to obtain a warm atmosphere. This concept began to change in the middle of the Nineties with the appearance than we called modern kitchens. At present a modern kitchen is not only the place where the meals are prepared. Cocinaes the meeting place, is the heart of the house, where the families meet to chat while the food is prepared and the children make their tasks. Therefore the kitchen you must be amplest and cosy possible. The modern kitchens emphasize the simple lines and forms, is made major more emphasis in the functionality than in the ornamental elements It has I number limitless of kitchen apparatuses, but it remembers that the modern design is based on the intelligent election of the elements that they are really going to us to be of utility and not in filling of things that you will never use them.

All kitchen must have abundant space to way storage to have the smaller at sight amount of things and the cleared worktops. The traditional design concentrates more in ornamentation, the decorated coatings and the details, whereas the modern design concentrates in the lines and the forms. Usually they choose the colors black and white for the walls of a modern kitchen, using the color for the decorative furniture or utensils or accessories. For the worktops materials are used such as the polished concrete or the glass, instead of the traditional surfaces of marble or granite that is used in classic and rustic kitchens. In the kitchen furniture flat designs are used preferably, with defined lines good, in hard wood in plates of great size. The great forms and the minimalist design are the keys that determine a modern kitchen. Another aspect that stands out is that usually are few accessories, set of dishes or decoration in view, this emphasizes the idea of minimalismo in the design and decoration of furniture and spaces in the modern kitchens.

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Small Rooms

In this article we go to give to it to some tricks and tips to learn as to decorate a small room let us can help so that it in the task to decorate its small room. We have the full conscience of that nor always it is easy task to fit everything what is wanted inside (you move, decorative adereos) of a small habitation and that for times also is not obtained to have the real notion of what can or to be well. because we know that this nor always is easy, we decide to give to it to some tips decoration room small some basic tricks of decoration for very small rooms, are couple rooms, rooms of drinks or bachelor rooms, that could be decorated through simple techniques and of small tricks that result muitssimo in spaces very reduced well. Let us enumerate then some very useful tips in the decoration of small rooms. – It abdicates of too much furniture. It tries to become attached itself solely to the essential parts. – It prevents to use colors that are too much dark therefore they only will go to make that still more the room seems small. This is applied in such a way to the colors of the walls as to the colors of the furniture.

– One is with ideas to hang pictures in the walls of the room, opts to pictures or screens in format to rectangular, that they never must be hung in horizontal position and in the vertical position. – It prevents to hang oil lamps that too much are weighed since they can compromise the small dimension of the room. – The mirrors are allowed in small rooms, since that they are placed in the certain spaces. They can be a good play of decoration for who intend to optimizar, making to seem bigger a small space. Another tip to decorate the too much small rooms that function very well in the decoration of small rooms is the solution to paint the walls of the room with scratches of different tonalities or colors; this solution is allowed, since that wall lamp the scratches to it painting them in the horizontal line and never in the vertical line. The horizontal lists, are excellent plays of decoration a time that give to the small environment, the optic illusion to make to seem bigger. They are also indicated to be used in tecto high, a time that can helps to lower them it visually. Already the vertical scratches, function better in bigger and ampler spaces. If for happiness doubts to appear it, and in case that it has possibilities to contract the aid of an one or professional in the decoration of interiors, make it without hesitating. It will be always a welcome and beneficial aid, being same one more value, since to stop small spaces great ideas are demanded.

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Robert Rosenthal

According to Greek mythology, a kindly and wise King of Cyprus, and unsurpassed sculptor, Pygmalion name, it was looking head for a woman whose beauty was perfect, in order to marry with her. Long went looking for her. So much that to not find it, he decided to devote the rest of his time, and so his love, to sculpt the most beautiful female statues. So he erected the statue of a beautiful young woman who christened Galatea, so beautiful that he could not help falling in love her madly. Both it was thus, that sleeping dreamed that the statue’s creative life.

Ovid, in his metamorphoses describes it thus: ‘Pygmalion approached the statue and, by touching it, it seemed it was hot, the Ivory will soften and that deposing its hardness, it ceded to the fingers gently (). Let’s see, Pygmalion is filled with a great joy mixed fear, believing that it deceived. He returned to play the statue again, and ascertained that it was a flexible body and veins gave their keystrokes to explore them with your fingers.. When he woke up from the dream, replacing the effigy was Aphrodite, who addressed him: deserve happiness, a happiness that you’ve captured. Here the Queen you wanted. Love it and defend it from evil. Thus, mythologically, Galatea, in principle of stone, was transformed into a woman of flesh and blood. In 1968, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, after a curious investigation: Pygmalion in the classroom, concluded that the expectations and beliefs of teachers on the students acted in favour of its compliance, and so were the teachers themselves who ended up turning their perception in confirmation of what they expected from the students. Many areas of knowledge, has seen this process in psychology called Pygmalion effect, by which the beliefs and expectations of a person or group with respect to an individual, affect so his conduct, which the second tends to confirm them.

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The Forms

New ' ' look' ' for the mathematics mathematics in the sample to be one disciplines that it has its proper way of being and if presenting, where appears in its form of language, in its statements of its proposals, in the forms in which if it reasons. It takes that one that is worried in the form in which it teaches and it knows the mathematics in its way of being to have more a little of attention and care. In relation to this care with education and knowledge we can detach a basic importance, where a person thinks mathematically, that is, despite this person does not have the contact with the mathematics scientifically speaking or known formal in an educational school, it she obtains to reason, to count, to imagine, to symbolize, to measure, as we can cite some examples, a mason that are illiterate know to make one measured of how many blocks they are necessary for that determined area or how many gallons of ink it is necessary to paint, exactly for having this contact in day-by-day. When writing this article stows worried in searching the necessities to teach mathematics, as to teach and as it knows? there, and I perceived that the mathematics always was taught without taking in consideration who would go to learn, that is, the pupil. Many professors of any area, that does not have the commitment with the education is not worried in who this learning, is not interested in transforms this disciplines in something pleasant of if to study, they only want to know of the money that goes to receive, and on account of this the pupil loses its knowledge and leaves wronged for the irresponsible professor. But many professors exist whom this responsibility has and commitment and this always searching something new that it comes to facilitate the life of the pupil who comes to help it and thus he obtains transforms that definitive one disciplines in something good for the pupil.

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Metal Art

A great way to diversify and to decorate the interior of any apartment, house or office – using forged furniture and furnishings. Such products will bring a unique elegance and distinctive style to your surroundings. Method artistic blacksmiths can make anything: wrought iron beds, tables and chairs, stands for flowers and chandeliers, candlesticks, stools and console. All of these forged items are currently very popular. The only disadvantage of such products – it's their money, hand-forged metal quite time-consuming exercise, and besides, in order to perform the metal is really artistic product requires years of practice, so wrought-iron furniture is not cheap. It is believed that the art forging creates a flat or house an old-time, but now thanks to a rapidly developing modern styles of design, products wrought iron fit into any decor. Metal in the hands of masters blacksmithing has become increasingly bizarre twists.

Of course, the classic lines will never go out of fashion and forged products with elements in the form floral ornament is always in demand and popular. What would really make the right choice is better, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. The Internet is lined with huge photos of the forged furniture and other forged products. Before you call or go to the manufacturer to decide on the what style and direction in artistic blacksmithing you more attractive. Or go to salons smithcraft your city, if any. Believe me, the difference between the image on the photo and the actual product is very high. It often happens that a man who saw the first "live" forged a real artist, forever and forever falls in love with this amazing art of forging metal.

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Universality Of Artificial Stone

Artificial stone – a mixture of natural ingredients, coloring minerals and acrylic resins. The most common is Corian – a product of DuPont. Not inferior to him in terms of quality and staron, which releases Samsung Cheil Industries Inc. What is so attractive Corian and staron? Due to the unique characteristics of these materials can be used to create different interior parts and functional units. At the stage of the production of artificial stone is very flexible, easy to cut and take any form. For example, the window sills to order or for washing dishes made of stone.

Even such a simple process as a manufacturer of window sills can turn into a masterpiece of a single composition artificial stone window sills and fine protrusions. And if we buy a tabletop or buy a kitchen sink from Corian or starona, you thereby completing the ensemble finish any room. Products made of Corian and starona have high strength and resistance to mechanical damage. And even in the case of surface damage or scratches to any emergency cases, the artificial stone is very easy to recovery: just cut out the damaged part for washing dishes made of stone and pasted in its place a new one. After surface treatment on it shows no signs of joint or joints, it again represents a one-piece stone. Acrylic materials are non-porous structure, without any cracks and joints. You have decided to buy a kitchen sink or countertops artificial stone made to order.

These kitchen sinks and worktops artificial stone custom will never accumulate dirt, grease, and they will not have a favorable environment for the development of mold and hazardous bakteriy.Iz artificial stone is made to order and windowsills, and countertops, and sink for the kitchen. Thus, the combination of artificial stone sills to decorate the interior and would ideally meet all the requirements of functionality. If you decide to buy a kitchen sink, artificial stone, you have made the right choice. Such mundane and tedious processes such as washing dishes or primary processing of products will be brightened up by the fact that your sinks are clean and tidy and beautiful. In addition, you will not have to spend much effort to care for surface cleaning of Corian for the kitchen or starona: pollution can be easily removed or water, or any non-abrasive cleaner. Buy kitchen sink artificial stone – then buy a reliable helper which will serve you for many years and did not lose its luster under the influence of hot and cold water. Using a combination of artificial stone sills add to the atmosphere a new bright detail of the interior. Choose a manufacturer of window sills made of material with coloring to match the general style of finishing the room and you do not have to hide behind the window curtains. The unity of such harmony as window sills, artificial stone, will decorate home, and play of light and sunlight will bring new notes in the general mood of the room. Imitating natural rock, artificial stone countertops – this is an excellent choice. Monumentality of granite and marble, ease sand tones, and full compliance overall tone color decoration of your room or finishing dishes accentuate your taste. True connoisseurs prefer artificial stone countertops and glass, and plastics because of the uniqueness colors and unsurpassed quality.

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Floor Plans

Of the paper to the perfect floor plan online service 1000hands AG Berlin, may 7, 2009 – the use of floor plans plays an increasingly decisive role in the rental of apartments. Because they reflect proportions and sharing an apartment, floor plans as well as photos are important for the tenants to get a comprehensive overview of an object. Online plan service of 1000hands AG on, estate agents and housing associations have the possibility to create appropriate plans in no time. The process is simple: the customer delivers the 1000hands AG the old template as a file, fax or by post staff of 1000hands AG make it an optimized layout for rental and sale. Fast, consistent, cheap and direct sales. The customer has the choice of more than 100 floor plans. For the Internet the 1000hands AG has designed floor plan types that are optimized with regard to representation, information density, file format and transmission capacity. Real CAD floor plan in DWG format are available in addition to the popular bitmap formats like JPG, GIF or TIF.

Therefore, the floor plans are actually true to size and bemassbar. Also, the calculations can be performed after WoFlV or after II. BV, gif MF-G and DIN 277. The customers have free design possibilities with regard to layout style, 2D or 3D, color choice, label, space stamps, furniture, dimension, area calculation. Academy of Art University recognizes the significance of this. Will be delivered within 24 h from 9.95 plus VAT 1000hands AG focuses on the building documentation. A large team of over 100 professionals from the fields of surveying, architecture and CAD is available for the customers.

Altogether the 1000hands AG has edited in the last five years about 100 million square meters of building area. The services include the surveying, CAD processing and calculations according to national and international standards. Press contact 1000hands AG Berlin contact: Mr. Carsten Kogel phone: 030 / 889 15 300 homepage:

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Best System

It is a question, although too often, in fact, his response deserves an appropriate, consistent and detailed explanation. All those who engaged in businesses in the network, we have our own and you dissimilar views on different systems, programs (software), methods, courses, E-books, tutorials, sites of preference etc. etc. It is opinion, more beyond of which influenced since our beginning by sympathy, affinity or empathy for one or the other teachers, relies primarily on the experience that have gotten each one with all these variants previously described and put into practice. Just as we are so distinct and different from one another also is the personal experience of each to reached to touring the different paths that we have because of transit from moment in which we discover the endless opportunities, options and possibilities that the web offers us. Therefore you will find diverse opinions with regard to this topic, there are people who have felt very comfortable and beneficiaries and others that do not, with respect to the use of this advertising system offered by Google.

Anyway, I think that there is a meeting point where, but all, the vast majority agree, and that is that it is technologically the best and more complete system of advertising, is, practical, effective, optimal, complete and although to the naked eye is shown as very complex in practice is not. As you can already imagine, in my personal opinion is the best advertising system that exists on the Internet, then my answer to the question of the title of this article, is of course, devoid of objectivity; but vos came here in search of a response, at least guiding.

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