Flooring Cabinets, Modern Relics From Five Centuries

Information about the history and the modern boards cabinets, really are unique. Cabinets is full of insight into the issues. Flooring cabinets there for centuries and have witnessed many periods and styles. Today, there are boards cabinets in all variants on the market. Globalization is no longer so special when you can find Indian furniture in German hallways and parlors. The furniture must be not necessarily real import pieces.

German Deseigner inspired gladly by exotic materials and create as curiosities and beautiful from all over the world. The floorboards in the farmhouses, large halls, of which the individual sleeping rooms and stables were were the history of cream cabinets in earlier centuries. The kitchen was usually a large fireplace with a device from chains, where the pot was attached there, housed in the Hall. These pots were attached to a metal saw blade type with big teeth. Hence the figure of speech is put a tooth, the deeper the pot hung, the faster the cooked Contents. So that has survived to this day. And the floorboards were also the large cabinets.

Made of massive, native Woods offering storage space and place for laundry, kitchen utensils and clothing. Usually, these cabinets were artfully painted. However, this painting had a reason. Not only the motives were crucial, but the painting itself. Because not everyone could afford a plank closet or another piece of furniture of high quality boards Cabinet or oak, walnut or beech. So often the expensive conifers were used. So that was not so, the furniture were just painted. So, you saw no knots or other, what would can detract from the charm of the subject of the establishment. These boards cabinets were almost always a real made-to-measure. Now from the local cabinet maker they were usually also not separable. That was not to be, because earlier made furniture for several generations. The pieces were inherited and outlasted so often several centuries.

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