Otto Muhl

Also does not have unfortunately the response Institute International NLPt integration (the group is eliminated in 2003 after long inactivity from the EANLPt), has no active 4 year old Curriculum, not at least 5 years cooperating NLPt teaching therapist group and no active empirical research tradition. On NLP in management is to ask whether lower skills, such as waiters, roofers, for self management with managers for the trainer as needed for the training to coaches. What to watch is that in particular provider of category do often spiced with insubstantial sales technically well designed promises C to E, people with low self-esteem and moderate education, for ala “master”, “Hypnorethorik”, “Secrets”, etc. phenomenologically can sensationalist formulations of structure off trainers qualification, team Setup, an increasing differentiation in superficial sektenhaftes and serious professional NLP certification criteria are spoken. An unpleasant line of a daily newspaper (Nazilinguistisches programming”in the Standard 2002) has reinforced this perception in the general public. The oTZ-NLP & NLPt has since 1986. so a NLP therapy qualification long ago the psychotherapy Act developed and represented the position, that the effectiveness of primarily depends of NLP qualifications of from former team. In accordance with the Constitution of 1867, “Science and its teaching is free”, door opened in Austria charlatans. Home improvement may not feel the same.

Everyone can basically almost anything “teach”. Afterwards, Mr Elsner Bank ethics and Otto Muhl should teach sex education for kindergarten teachers. By the same author: Mayor of NYC. We often see that people from such superficial NLP courses are very frustrated when they find out that they neither professionally, still working legally can start nothing, because: their instructors no vocational training privileges were not certified, and your course had taught some serious skills and self-awareness. The courts would have to clarify the often asked question, whether this was fraud. A first approach to court in favor of the quality went out (see uwg) related links: – res1.pdf – upgrade.htm – “the Bandler method” – other press stories: media the author likes. Peter Schutz, M.SC., health psychologist, mediator, supervisor (oAGG), psychotherapist and consultant CMC, teaching coach (BoP) graduated, a group dynamics – group psychotherapy – and Psychodramausbildung in the oAGG from 1977 to 1982. NLP and NLPt training in England, United States and Austria from 1983 to 1989.

He is currently Board member and one of 11 training psychotherapists in oTZ – NLP & NLPt and Secretary-General of EANLPt. His specialist fields include team training and Psychotraumatology. Factual errors are always possible, even with careful research. In this case please note at.

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