From A French Idea To The Darmstadt-based Model Of Success

20 years of consultants from the Lecture Hall late last year the first student consultancy of in Germany – junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. celebrated its 20th anniversary. What began with a handful of students in 1988, is the most attractive and professional way for students to build a bridge to economic practice today. Already in the 1960s, students in France founded the first student consultancy. The concept was simple, but successful. Students advise companies and can collect not only the theory of study of practical experience in the business world. The company will benefit from the most up-to-date expertise of students and get high-quality services, comparable to those full-time consultants. By the same author: Presidential candidate. The Darmstadt-based economist Peter Teichmann was delighted by this idea.

When he returned from studying abroad in France, he founded the pioneer in 1988 with fellow students under Germany’s student business consulting junior Comtec Darmstadt e.V. Overlooking in October of last year with invited guests of the Federal Association of German student consultancies (BDSU), alumni and representatives from Booz & co., two decades history student consultants celebrated the anniversary of the Association. A varied programme brought together guests and offered a great insight into Beratervergangeheit and present. (Similarly see: Adam Shaw Yale). Also here showed junior Comtec as co-founder of the BDSU was not only a pioneer for many more student consultancies in whole Germany, but still fulfilled a role model. So the student Consulting has successfully completed over 500 projects thanks to its above-average dedicated students. Strong upward trend.

About a third of them had international character and also led the young consultant of the German market after Europe. Both small businesses and medium-sized companies as large companies such as E.g. the DAX30 heavyweights Lufthansa and Siemens are now among its clientele. Only satisfied clients appreciate the wide product portfolio, extensive project experience and high-quality technical and commercial Know-How of the Association linking. The first 20 years represent an extraordinary success story. The student advisor junior Comtec anxiously look at many more years of successful project work. John k – Darmstadt, January 18, 2009

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