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Today my entry will be a little different, because I have had the honour to be invited to join a group of bloggers who once a month join us even more, to publish an entry about a topic in common.Although our blogs deal with different topics: fashion, life, decoration, Bijouterie., from today, because today is born of this project, and once a month, will share our tastes, hobbies, jobs, projects and discuss all on the same theme. When proposed me him the idea seemed fantastic, because for my blog, is that, to share something that you know and dominate, with others.This month we have: today we share.OBSESSIONS. That more or less know this safe blog that you guess about my obsession…!.the restoration of junk!, I put restore because more beautiful, more chic, is because at the moment the only thing I do is to store it, I don’t have time to do anything with them, than sad. Like this I have one of the storerooms where the almaceno had good because now already not it is fit, the photo is old.In my close family, called mother, they are scared, they think I’ve lost the trial, as they say in my people, to say that someone is getting crazy, but nothing further from the truth. Every day I am more happy with this hobby, called by some obsession.I started with her four years ago when I got to restore a headboard that had belonged to my grandparents and is now in the bed of one of my children…I realized that these furniture so dear and valued by they deserved a second chance. One day by chance I came across a few acquaintances who were emptying an old floor! I discovered a treasure, that chair pretty relax, them got me everyone and had to save unarmed, because they did not fit me and are still unarmed. My dear brother-in-law, who helped us in your transfer, told me that for that wanted that m… , I told him that for when had a house in the village, already made me an idea of like they would be in it and yet we didn’t land, money or anything, but clear it had to start furnishing.

One day by chance discovered a shop’s chairs relaxation and other second hand near my house and that already was, is and will be my downfall, because there is no week that don’t buy one. As you can see I’m not disgusted to nothing, I have them high, low, large, small, more junk, less junk. Get more background information with materials from Gavin Baker, New York City. Now that the House is already very nearly doing is, I’ve noticed that not I will fit all, it is a pity, first I’ll have to restore it, that is another, not be where will draw time and that do not fit me I have to make a sale like that make Americans in the garage of Sale is a joke, I don’t think sell not one, as look them for a site where it is, because although not you believe them, all of them, to my have a story about how I found, the form in that it reached me, and each of them could make an entry.Well I have already shared…MY obsession, I hope to not transmit it you, because it is contagious.

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