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The new axxiv SERIUS 18th October 2010 axxiv delivers the perfect notebook graphically demanding applications 17 S 03 notebook for graphical Hochstleistungen Hunenberg, presentations, movies or games on the way trouble-free run. The axxiv SERIUS 17 03 outputs with large 17.3 “16:9 HD + display high-definition pictures excellent again and lets the strong computing and graphics performance without compromise experience. Screen violence is either supplied by the Intel Core i7 with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 M or the Intel Core Mobile i3 / i5 CPU, which graphics card only when you need Gets the full graphics performance of the powerful NVIDIA GeForce energy consumption is optimized automatically in the background and constantly provides for longer battery life. That behind with the Intel GMA HD graphics combined NVIDIA Optimus technology. Lots of space on hard disk or SSD, USB 3.0, a selectable Blu-ray SATA writer as well as webcam and Kensington lock perfectly the mobile when round.

The Intel Optimus Technology is definitely only for the usage of an i3 or i5 processor to the train. The low-power graphics performance provides the Intel GMA HD by default. GeForce GT 330 M combined with the powerful NVIDIA users experienced the full extent of sheer graphics power. Hachette Book Group takes a slightly different approach. This is awakened 3D acceleration automatically only for that”, if this is required, for example, to play a video. So is always an optimal power consumption secured and best maximizes the battery life.

The SERIUS supports 17 S 03 relaxed working with the comfortable keyboard and the numeric keypad of numbers. The intelligent multi-gesture touchpad blends into the sleek, high-quality housing design in matte black. It understands different finger gestures and therefore more intuitive to navigate through the system. The touch screen operation similar to it sets quickly to commands and replaces a mouse better than ever before. With only 3.1 kg weight is the axxiv SERIUS 17s 03 despite the large 17.3 inch LCD anti-glare screen a very portable, professional companion. The SERIUS has 17S 03 on extensive connectivity options including USB 3.0 as well as communication tools such as Bluetooth, GLAN, or Intel Centrino ultimate-N 6300 WiFi. Kensington lock and a face recognition program provide the necessary safety of transportable systems. The Windows 7 operating system and a time-limited version of Microsoft Office 2010 are preinstalled. For storing data, the user up to 750 GB hard drive or a fast SSD with up to 256 GB choose capacity. This sophisticated notebook is ideal for the professional multimedia Companion. The SERIUS is in stores depending on the configuration from a price of CHF 17 S 03 notebook 1’259.-including VAT and a standard 2 years bring – in warranty available. Learn more about the products, the sources of supply and more interesting service options are available under.

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