Inner Peace

To date, our knowledge and capabilities in technology shock, but we almost never succeeded in knowledge of our inner peace. How much do we know about his soul? We know, as is conceived as a developing fetus in the womb, as it is born, both increases and then gets sick, grows old and eventually die. All of this history of physical body. How much do we know about the life of the soul that lives in this body? The soul came into this life and settled in the body. The soul lives in the body, gets different experiences and acquire important knowledge.

Reaching a certain age, the body dies, and the soul continues its journey to what would have been born again and again. What we call death, in fact, is as natural phenomenon, like any other. The sun rises in the east and sets in the West. After Saturday comes the resurrection. Once a computer becomes obsolete, we get a new one. At Ajit Pai you will find additional information. Why are we so afraid of death of our physical body? Perhaps because few know about real life and the evolution of our souls? Once hodilo mankind on the earth on foot, but today we drive in cars, fly planes and even space ships. Once people were dressed in loincloths of raw hides and skins of wild animals – we have today developed by the fashion industry. Once mankind to transfer knowledge in the form of oral tradition – today, we preserve and transmit the accumulated knowledge in the books and use the electronic media.

What seemed to be not possible yesterday become a reality today. Yesterday, we were afraid of death and feared chilling suspense afterlife journey. Today we have full knowledge of and most importantly – the methods of conscious transformation. Speech talking about the possibility of free choice of where and when embodied in the next life. And most importantly – to be reincarnated, while retaining all the knowledge and experience of the previous incarnation. It becomes possible to start the next life is not from scratch! People at the start of every life is spending a lot of time and effort on education, as well as the fact that to find my place in life. Each person persists that would achieve the desired goals. Different people may have different goals and challenges in life – material and social status, scientific knowledge and spiritual self. People are working intensively to achieve their goals, starting his way every life from scratch. If you are good to remember their past embodiment, the situation changes dramatically. Gained you the same experience themselves in a great number of past lives began to work for you! You do not need to learn a lot of years in school and university, because you already know and remember well All this is from past lives. Incidentally the last time there are more children that easily and quickly pass the school and university curricula. The impression is that for these children, like all university knowledge is already well known. People at a young age often make many mistakes, very sorry for what in later years. Having an awareness of reincarnation, a person can move to the next life if not all, then, in any case, many of the accumulated knowledge and skills. These people already have everything from childhood experiences and knowledge of previous lives, which allows live life in a very different quality.

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