Loft Furnishings

Until it makes a pair of decades, to be the proprietor of a small house, without divisions, could get to mean avarice to buy a property without too many economic possibilities or meant that it was not counted on economic means to own a house of better quality. Nowadays, who is owner of a property of such characteristics, he is the owner of a modern one and coveted loft. Loft was born at the moment like an economic alternative from so popular house but to the being, as much the prices of rent as those of sale have increased. Loft is characterized by the height of its ceilings, the ample lack of division of spaces and windows. It is without doubts, the ideal house for a bachelor or a pair without children. With respect to their amueblamiento and decoration, the things are several that are due to consider.

Firstly the great space can be emphasized that does not count on walls to separate atmospheres. This does extremely important to obtain the differentiation of the same with the aid of the positioning of the furniture, the use of different colors and in some cases can be made differences with the help of several levels. With the aim of taking advantage of totally the space loft one is due to try to obtain a space continuity as as much visual. This is done avoiding to realise a traditional decoration since if thus outside loft would be too much loaded. It is not possible to differentiate all the atmospheres like independent. Although it is certain that certain differentiation can be obtained, this must always take control of continuity. With respect to the illumination, the great majority of lofts counts on great windows reason why the atmosphere usually has a good natural illumination. In case it is not his case or to still more increase the luminosity of the space, mirrors can be used, crystal walls, or the use of any material that is reflecting.

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